Symmetra Turret inside Eichenwalde Wall (Can PM Video)


Somehow the Symmetra on the enemy team was able to get a turret inside the wall at Eichenwalde just beyond the bridge for the defenders. Evidently I can’t post the video I made showing this? That’s unfortunate. If any QA want to see it in action I have a youtube link.

List of Symmetra issues
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Hey WhiteHawke!
A video would be greatly appreciated, thanks!



Edit: Evidently I also can’t PM, but this allows me to get around not posting the link.


You can post a link, by using the </> icon, like this

You do this by pasting the link and then selecting the link, by holding left-click either at the beginning or end and dragging it to the far side and then let go of left-click and then left-click the </> icon and you’re good to go. :slight_smile:


Please tell me sym’s beam is not gonna stay the way it is right now on ptr.
A player with the name ‘‘Microwave’’ explained this very well so I’m just gonna paste what they said here.
''They increased the tick rate of her weapon (Which was always 4) so that her exploit can’t be used… They fixed it the wrong way though, because now her standard primary fire is nerfed in various ways and it’s noticeably much weaker.

By increasing the ticks, it means the player needs much more precise aim, if they miss, it’s ticks of dmg that was not done, while the 4 ticks before would linger a little more. Overall the dmg is less bursty which is a nerf to her killing potential.

It’s weaker vs armor, because it’s smaller increments of dmg done, it’s way worst against armor and it’s extremely noticable.

Overall her secondary is better in nearly every situation. Range, burst dmg, dmg in general, safe to use.

Overall it feels really bad to use, when at lvl 3 it feels like what lvl 2 did the patch before on the ptr. (No Exploit)

I don’t know whether this was intentional or they just wanted to fix her exploit, but it’s nerfed as is.’’


On Oasis it can fire thru walls.
Got hit from it but i was inside the corridor near the archway at the point on City Center and the turret was on the otherside of the wall.


Are the devs aware of the Moira bug fix that has induced a new greater bug with healing around barriers no longer possible even with clear LOS? Or is it as intended?


Similar thing happened to me recently on Junkertown.
I can also post a video, but I’m not sure how.