SYMMETRA Teleporter Updates/Fixes

Symmetra Teleporter is a cool ability but seems underwhelming and really gimmicky due to it clunky and inconsistent when deploying.

Ways to tweak it to be more utility based and teammate friendly could be to…

  1. Increase the interact radius around larger but like slightly smaller than lucio’s aura. Make the radius visible as well so allies know were it is. By doing this would actually allow your whole team to be teleported out during grav like landing the devs intended. And also fixes the issue of things like turrents that were placed b4 tele was set up to b teleported like intended when tp doesn’t place in front of you correctly sometimes. Also anything teleported would end up in the center like it usual does in thr current tp.

This also helps so your team doesnt have to crowd around the small area of the tele blocking each others sight to tp as well cuz it gets really clustered and disorienting… Like TP could be used for so much more bruhhhh like u could make it so u could put a tp on a sleeping/freezing ally to possibly save em if the interact range was increased…or out of blizzard b4 ur completely frozen…

  1. Make the teleporter death known to symm and everyone else in the kill feed cuz it doesn’t show up or not as often and no omes knows what killed it…and timer of how long its staying up…also if taking damage make it know…

  2. Teleporter should also work like sombras translocator and remove effects like fire, venom or anti. (Hack effect wouldn’t go away tho…maybe idk) since it works similarly and also dodge bomb with a possible immunity frame too.

  3. Aside from an increase interact radius that is visible you could also make a tether/line thats is visible to allies connecting both teleporter…that shows were the tp end point will end up, let teleporter be seen through walls/objects as well like a hacked health pack. These QOL changes would help so your team is more aware of teleporter’s locations.

  4. Decrease Teleporter set up time…tele is legit so slow to start up…

  5. Increase range so tp can reach farther 30-35m would b nice i think current 25

  6. Their could be a invulnerability frames like when sombra translocates so in theory you could dodge a ult if timed right…ohh a cool idea could b you get temp shields for 1-3 secs after teleporterting as well as when standing in interact range like say 75 -100 to make so your not so vulnerable when tping and heal ppl who took damage when tping

8 .TP > than railing
-you have to angle yourself in odd positions somtimes to place a tele on rails…let tp destroy em and actually place easily…


Alot of good points.

TP can be very powerful good positioning is VERY undervalued in this game but its far 2 clunky and is lacking in range to reach major points.


Great points. The removal of debuffs seems interesting.

There actually is a particle effect that shows where the exit teleporter is, but it’s not that prominent. It could probably be turned up.

Would love you to add your voice to this thread that I refuse to let die, since it’s got lots of good videos showing our problems.

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Ima paint a scenario for yall. Yesterday when Symmetra was FINALLY used for pro play when whats his face used her tp the furthest it could go was right onto the point.

What if its range was increased and it could of been used to reach the top window a Widow is often perched in. being able to take that high ground from the point they were in would be real clear value not just switching position.


Hopefully, with the people running OWL team collaborate with Jeff to see how they can slightly tweak sym for there to be more of her played and excitement for players and spectators alike when Sym enters the gamescreen.

basically this, why is tp so limited?
many characters from goats like brig can easily deal with her turrets, beam and orb, tp needs to be better
brigs healing and armor by itself already makes symmetra bad, on top of being ble to easily get away from her turrets.
moira, and the other hand should never die to symmetra, unless shes horribly bad.