Symmetra teleport bug in dorado


There is a bug in dorado where you can get out of the map and place turrets along the path where the payload is moving with normal settings. We tested if it is possible to contest the payload but it’s luckily not the case.
[Video link removed to minimize exploitative behavior]


do you have a video or photo of it?
I would like to check it in a custom game.


Added the video link to the description.


thank you for the link but unfortunately the video is unavailable for me.

would you mind describing how to do the glitch?


omg that is really weird.
you must have eagle senses to find something like that!
ill give it a go.


The link should work now.

(Lance Powell) #6

Thank you for posting the detailed video! We’re escalating this as we speak. I’ve removed the link from your post to minimize exploitative behavior.


Sym TP bugs that benefit her are given the red alarm but the bugs that make her weaker (such as TP self destructing for no reason) are ignored. Coolcool


And let’s not forget heroes with destructable objects can’t use it either, without destroying thier own gear