Symmetra Rework

cuz ur team can use it also

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Thanks Dev team! She sounds really interesting. I haven’t played Sym for ages, I can’t wait to try. I do think she’s probably going to be harder to play.

I’m excited to see what she will bring to team fights and how her teleporter will be utilized.

To Sym mains who are worried, don’t. :blush: I was when the Mercy rework hit and I ended up really loving the new Mercy. Though I hope you all don’t deal with months of changes like the Mercy rework.


I can NOT BELIEVE how much fun she is oh my god.

I never knew they could make Sym even more fun for me. But here we are.


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when will it be on console

GeoffGoodman. The way she is now she will not last long. It’s all fun games right now, but her survivability lacks in the hp section and beam length since that’s channeling damage that takes time than other heroes who can do it on the spot. Her beam going to need some side effects if you want it to be 10m. Let her beam apply a snare slowing down enemies just like her turrets.

The stronger the beam gets the slower the enemies goes. Please take these concepts under considerations.


She isn’t interesting at all, If anything she’s even more situational at all, But hey, Knock yourself out buddy, If other people enjoy her I guess I’ll just have to move on.


I have two primary problems with this rework.

This is problem #1. This is not Symmetra’s weapon - this is Zarya’s weapon with a shorter range and less reliable damage increase. That’s bad.

Symmetra’s primary role was an anti-flanker shielder. With a short-range, pinpoint accuracy weapon, it will be near impossible for her to effectively deal with flankers. Her role is now that of an anti-tank flanker.

You want her to keep some of her weapon’s identity? Make it more like Moira’s. Give it a weak lock on in an area so it doesn’t have to be pinpoint accurate. That will give her back some of her old role and weapon identity.

Problem #2 is the new ult. It’s bad. It’s nothing like her old barrier, and her old shield generator is gone entirely. Symmetra now has no engage and and an immobile barrier that’s frankly useless in a big teamfight on a point. Take away the barrier and give her back a shield generator - that was actually useful. Or give her something else entirely, but not this.


Honestly, You just said what I want to but better, I applaud you Sir or Madame.


Symmetra is now ruined for me… Blizzard took anything from her Gameplay that made her stand out and a tactical instead of a shooter Hero.

  1. Primary Fire is now a Zarya Beam instead of Symmetra or Moira Look-on Beam. the Gameplay feeling of Symmetra is now totally lost. 10 Meter without any Look-on on a 200 HP Hero is a joke!!
  2. The Secondary fire become faster but cannot pass Shields anymore. Another special lost.
  3. Teleporter: A great Ability but Symmetra lost her PhotonBarrier. Another great ability lost. The only fix needed was the reduction of the cooldown.
  4. The Ultimate is unique and looks great.

Fazit: The Symmetra i once enjoyed playing is lost. She is a new hero. Why didn’t Blizzard just make a new Hero instead? The old Abilities were fine, they just need a little bit of improving and better cooldowns. The Sym Haters have finally won and murderd her. Not even Mercy or any other Heroswas utterly destroyed in it’s core gameplay like Symmetra.


Teleporting your team out of surge sounds pretty interesting. :grin:


These changes look awesome. Though I was kinda expecting a slight hp buff to 225. We’ll see if she needs it though.


I can already see this being OP lmao

Sombra, Pharah, Bastion and Reaper. I feel like we don’t need any more “counters”


Madame. And thank you. :slight_smile:

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So, now I’m on PTR.

No. Worst nerf ever.

12 seconds. It starts as soon as the TP is placed. So, if it stay up the full time, you can place a new one 2 seconds after it disappear.

35 meters

F on PC. No idea on console.

You can shoot them pretty much immediately after each other.

Other things I noticed:

  • Reloading no longer pauses weapon decay. So, every time you reload, expect to lose one weapon charge.
  • Her beam requires as much precision as Zarya. It’s definitely not a “forgiving beam” like Moira.
  • Orbs can be fast-shot at ~20 damage each ball. Need to time to get the correct number, but feels like 3 orbs per second if shot that way.
  • 25 meters is absurdly short range for a “mobility option”. I’ll try it a bit in a live game, but it do not seem promising.
  • TP is deployed surprisingly fast, but not instantly. Expect it to be destroyed very quickly, however. It’s still loud and visible from a mile away.
  • Teleporter can’t be placed in Training’s moving platform.
  • Photon Barrier feels like a 1500 points ultimate, and she can’t get ult charge while the barrier is active.

225? more like 275 or 300. Ptr kit of hers not even worth 200hp.


could you remove the Press “F” to Teleport everytime there is a teleporter open. basically symmetra’s primary attack is same as zarya because I got 1v1 with moira, i lose that match if there any chances symmetra’s primary attack is same as moira. Next is there any indicators that how many turrents we can put. the rest is awesome rework with symmetra.


I think that is good they took soft lock away. No hero needs soft lock. That is a really unfair advantage in a fight to just hold lmb and stay in range and not have to worry about mechanical skill and out maneuvering someone.

I’m happy they rooted that out and can only hope it stays that way


Winston have a soft lock and Moira. What’s your point?