Symmetra Rework

zarya rip-off



As an ‘OG Symmetra Main’ I’m having trouble coping with these changes, I was under the impression that her beam would still be softlock like Moira’s instead of just being a full out zarya beam?

If at all possible could you guys possibly consider adding soft lock on like moira to her beam? It’d be greatly appreciated.


I would have understood if you removed the lock on to make space for significantly increasing her range, but as she is right now she’s just worse than before, because she has to stay almost as close as she was before while taking away the only form of reliable damage mitigation she had.

The fact that she can’t use her own TP makes things even worse, since she doesn’t even get mobility to compensate.


Personally think the new ultimate might be the weakest change to her kit. 5k shield with a 15 second duration. Unless enemies can’t pass through it, it won’t be as impactful as it might be. You basically have a super version of Orisa’s Protective Barrier.

I think a weaker version of her Shield Generator would have been better.


I’m liking the new changes, just think it needs an on screen Teleporter timer, only the sound cue isn’t enough to know when it’s gonna end


She can use her own TP, press F by default.


Actually would be great to have an indicator on the teleporter. Maybe have it on the outside edge of the portal so others know how long they have before it closes.


Oops, missed that part, I thought you just had to walk through the TP. I find it counter-intuitive, though. F is a communication command, crouch might have been better.


So, for anyone that can access the PTR, I have some questions:

  • Can she still pick up basketballs in the ship?
  • What is the TP cooldown after destroyed/expired?
  • The orb still penetrate barriers?
  • How far away can Photon Barrier be positioned?
  • The video seems that there is no input required to enter the TP, despite Geoff saying that they would add one. So, do we require an input to enter the TP or not?
  • Is there an interval between each “turret shot”, or we can send all three flying in, eg, one second?

Thanks in advance, if anyone can answer that while I’m downloading the PTR.


That would be great too, maybe the TP light could change color before it disappear

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I love this, I’m very interested in the things you could pull off with her ult and Tele. People who say she might as well be a new character are not very smart. She has Tele, barrier, ramp up beam and sentry turrets; all the things old sym has - “WOW NEW CHAR MUCH CHANGE”


This new Sym is really complex. The hero information screen should probably be updated with a 3 star difficulty.


Please don’t let her recover ammo from barriers, I understand Brigitte is a problem but think of the tanks for once. Tanks have been suffering enough already, nerf Brigitte’s shield if you need to. Just stop making the lives of tanks worse with every patch, stop torturing…


Liking the rework so far after a couple of all sym matches, however if I may make a suggestion: I would like to see somewhere how many turrets I have currently deployed. I know you can see how many charges you have left, but given how “mobile” the new turrets are, I tend to lose track of how many are still alive.


The only way to really counter a barrier team to a great extent is to play Junkrat, there should be other options


I really hope the devs don’t go through with this, It’s such a drastic change in such a short time, Though knowing Blizz they’ll just push it through regardless of complaints and then just nerf her in the next couple of months.



You can use her TP to get to areas heros normally wouldn’t be able to anymore, + her teleporter can be used to get your entire team out of a Dragon Grav. I love her already


The fact that balls no longer go through shield kinda ruins her for me too.


No, the beam does not work the same way… I guess my cheating reports paid off… (just kidding.)


Why can’t the key to interact with your teleport be the same key that you use to make the teleport? The teleport is on cooldown after you cast it, so that key is useless while that.
If its the case of when playing with two symmetras you wouldn’t be able to use the other symmetra’s teleport, just make it that when you’re aiming the teleport the key works as “interact”, cause you wouldn’t be able to put a teleport over another anyway.

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