Symmetra Rework Update?

Ok if we assume the average hanzo will use his dragon strike ult from around 20-25 yards away from the Zarya grav it will take about 3 seconds for the dragons to go from arrow to flying to hitting their target this gives sym 3 seconds to zip a portal in there and get her team out if we assume her teleporter is an instand setup (can be used before the animation is finished) she could get her team out of the grav with time to spare (granted very little).

Graviton lasts 4 seconds. If the dragon is taking 3 seconds to reach the graviton, its possible to just heal through it with Transcendence and get away once graviton ends.

IMO, that new TP will be a lot like Medivh’s portals in HotS. And if you ever played Medivh in HotS, you know what I’m talking about.

dragons doesnt to damage to buildings, so the players would actually have to bombard the tp if they see it, and the tp has a decent amount of health unless they reduced it.

new tp : 300 hp only

300hp should still be able to last long enough, especially if you have a reinhardt who uses his shield, so i think it would still be effective for that.

Yes but your not always going to have a transcendence ready and why waste it if you can remove the need to use it with a regular ability, lets also not forget that the dragons take up a large area so having to run out of it even after the grav fades where as the TP will just get people to safety ASSUMING that it works instantly cause any setup time will ruin its use for that.

Good posts man. Just keep tagging me in them. I love to read them.

it’s probably the same keybiding to look at earth on horizon lunar colony

Most of the mobility abilites are silenced inside graviton. One exception is moira’s shadow walk. We dont know yet if tp will be silenced or not

All mobility abilities are silenced on a Graviton. Invulnerability/Defense abilities are the ones that can be used, like Mei ice block. It just happens that Orisa/Reaper/Moira defensive abilities allow them to move. The only weird one in the graviton is Recall, that is a mix between healing/movement/invulnerability, so there is arguments both for locking and not locking it.

A question - will Symmatra be able to place her barrier horizontally? On a PharMercy thread I joked it would be a good counter, but I’ve been thinking about it and it might actually have its uses. So, will we?

That actually would be interesting… Would also mean no lobbing long range nades with Junkrat.

Would be absolutely awesome ! So she finally have to fight close to the ground because her damage herself would never break the shield fast enough

Actually, its Reaper, Moira, and Orisa, that can get out of Graviton. Also the developers already stated they were using TP to get out of Graviton in internal testing, so it is confirmed to work.

It would also mean that you are safer from:

  • Dead-Eye made from an upper ledge like on Horizon second point
  • Nukes thrown up in the air
  • Snipers on elevations

It’s just a thought anyway.

I am also curious if it is placed at your feet or if you can place it at range similar to placing the new TP. If it is placeable at range, I would think you would just place it on a wall to make it horizontal.

It also means some pretty fun jukes when avoiding a Dragonblade.