Symmetra Rework Update?

These changes seem amazing,a different playstyle kit etc.But there is another thing all sym player’s would love.A buff to her golden weapon.Anything would be great with a little gold added.Maybe her arm or a little bit on her turrets,anything to make buying her golden weapon seem a bit more worth

I love her gold weapon as is. Would like it featured in a victory pose or highlight intro though.

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It a holiday next week. I don’t think the devs will post until Tuesday.

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Would love to have her portrait as a victory pose, since it shows her weapon and her hard light in her other hand

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Rather than remove auto lock why not let Symm’s gun work/function at least like Moira. Also photon shield should be an Alt option on “E” to toggle between TP and Photon shield similar to Mercy swapping between weapon and staff. I’m more bothered by the re-classing to DEFENSE but yet removing of the ONLY part of her kit I considered to be the defensive part. We use that photon shield more to protect our teammates than were do ourselves. I personally find it way more useful than a TP sometimes.

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When is symmetra rework coming alredy!!! They said soon! But like soon when??? Like I don’t wanna play overwatch till sym reworks comes out in the PTR!!! Or live!! Like ughhhh!! It’s anooying!!! Like plzzz!!!


I’m expecting today or Thursday.
I don’t want it tho… So the later the better :slight_smile: I like my Indian girl as she is rn.

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I can wait a bit longer, but ONLY if we can get all the details and maybe some video show and tell.

thats a misconception, moiras and zaryas weapons both function the same, the only difference is hitbox size (moira’s is bigger) and animation which makes it look like a lock on. What this means for sym is that she will function more like moira but with a bigger hitbox. If the enemy leaves the hitbox it’ll detach right away (unlike the 1 second forgiveness she has now)


@snackrat and everyone else. Doubtful dragon strike will kill the teleporter, if it doesn’t kill it now.

Turrets, Orisa Ult, Sentries, Shield Gen - none of these take damage from a Moira Orb or a Dragon strike.

Not sure why they would make Dragon strike affect this one machine when it’s normally only affected biotics and story flubbed sentient robot.

I honestly doubt the new beam hitbox will be as big as Moira. Moira beam is as large as is because 1) it deals pitiful damage (50 DPS), and 2) she is required to hit it to recharge her healing pool, which is her primary use in the party.

A beam that deal 195 DPS with Moira hitbox size will be extremely OP. Blizzard might have some wonky issues with balance, but they are not that crazy.

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h ttps://

this was someone doing mythbusting on the “soft-lock” and hitboxes in general.

Moira’s hitbox isn’t that big, symmetra’s is already pretty big. Also, considering their whole “make sym more viable as a damage pick” and also she can’t heal herself i think it is a safe bet it will be larger than moiras.

Personally, I don’t think it’ll be larger than Moira’s.

thank you! char limit

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also a fully charged sym would be about the same damage as a fully charged zarya but without the health to back her up

At the same time, Sym won’t have get enemies to damage barriers to gain that charge.

Im all for aiming with her gun but i wanted it to have a similar range to moira so atleast now I can have my revenge at pharah.she is becoming a dps afterall.

Yep, I linked this same video earlier in this thread. I have no idea why you replied to my post with it.

Zarya hitbox is small, and she deal a ton of damage if fully charged. Moira hitbox is large and she deal little damage. Given Symmetra new beam numbers that Geoff gave us, which hitbox size you think it will be more probable to arrive?

If you give Symmetra a Moira-sized beam, and reward precision with even more damage, her range needs to be short. Probably as short as it is today. But that would be against the argument of making her beam more viable, so it will be around Zarya range. But while Zarya need to manage two cooldown abilities with little uptime to power up her beam damage, Symmetra will only require her own aiming prowess for that, but she is a squishy 200 HP hero with no defensive ability and no mobility.

It’s a very complicated and convoluted issue, and I honestly believe that Blizzard will mess up with that balance, and make her OP in her first PTR incarnation if they don’t revert the beam idea for good reasons, plus all the accessibility issues.

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If they don’t change her primary fire, how would they make her viable.

I made a list. Other Symmetra players have their own lists as well. We gave a lot of suggestions in a 2000 reply thread in the old forums.

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