Symmetra Rework Update?

Oh thats you? Nice.

I kinda wanted to see Sym make a light bridge tho but I guess with how they’re handling the teleporter now its still great.

I think they changed the distance a bit more, from the sound of what geoff said she can teleport her team from far away when they were trapped from zaryas grav.

The term used was “Far away” 25 meters is not that far tbh and i hope its more like 40m or more.

Why should I take your word over that of an actual disabled person?

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It’s like press (button) to enter the teleporter

D e f i n e t l y

Thanks for the link. I remember that one. I don’t remember my reaction to it, but I think it would be mostly criticism about the Photon Barrier being too complex to its own good, Shield Gen being a straight nerf (200 HP is a joke of HP in a immobile object), and Light Footed being extremely situational. The rest is interesting on its own.

Honestly, I loved every bit of it! I actually got to reading your adjustments and nerf stuff to it and I think it’s great you also went back to have a look at a design that can’t even be tested and still thought of things to make sure the character isn’t over powered, better than some people we all know.
It was a kind of Sym I would have been even more interested to play!
I also really loved how you showed everything with pictures and stuff, it is beautiful! I think about it every time I imagine Sym.

I meant that they are easier to play than heroes like mccree, tracer, ana, widowmaker, etc

Please make a custom game setting that lets you spam teleport when the changes hit live.

All i care about is that the remove her auto aim lock on. Make her require skill to use.


do you think this means that you cant throw dva bombs and stuff through it anymore? i guess you could walk through yourself but still :confused: that sounded cool as all hell

You mean A counter. Other than Dva eating the grav or the dragonstrike arrow before the dragons spawn, there’s literally no counter at all except just playing loose and not compact.

Not that there needs to be nerfs or anything, just hoping the stormarrow nerf will reduce the frequency of this combo. And pointing out how super cool this change allowing you to tele your teammates out of a grav is. This is a huge gamechanging deal.

No ones asking the real questions here, WHICH ARE

  1. Do the turrets fire as they soar through the air?

  2. Can we finally load a basketball with turrets again and teleport it behind enemy lines?

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Any updates or teases?

Is Symmetra’s Health 200? 250? 275?
What is Symmetra’s Weapon Range now?

excuse me if I’m wrong, but Transcendence should still work if Hanzo isn’t damage boosted. Also, Mei wall is a counter aswell (You can push teammates over dragonstrike with your walls).

Also, for some reason you listed a counter and then went on and said that there was no counter.’s defense Matrix is a very good counter for it.

1 mile + her primary fire pierces through walls and shields

I’m excited for the rework. I hope it makes me want to play her more. Currently I just personally find her not viable in all modes. And it’d also be nice for people not to rage immediately if you want to pick Sym

I have 162+ hours with her but haven’t used her much due to waiting for the rework. I ended up with more time on Moira at over 250+ hours. Only because I use Moira more in Comp now.

Honestly, I am 99% sure that the reason we are getting the rework for Symmetra, and subsequently Torbjorn (and formerly Hanzo) is their attempt to mitigate false reports without actually solving the problem. Just before the rework, they were talking about how it was fine for Symmetra to be a niche hero and how supports did not need to heal. Fast forward, she is a defensive hero designed to be less situational.

Beyond that, they also changed her teleporter to act as counter-play for the Dragon Ball meta. So, they anticipate that she will be meta as well, which is probably why she does not lose ammo against barriers.

Either way, I am glad that they are doing this.

Well, beginning the sentence with “other than”, usually means I’m about to list one exception, and THEN “there’s no counter”.

But anyways, thanks for the mei wall idea, never thought of that.

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