Symmetra Rework Update?


That’s an absolutely fascinating video. Thanks for sharing. The only thing I like then is the visual element of the Moira beam.

Symmetra was always chell in my opinion.
Like she has a gun that looks almost exactly like the portal gun.
She has a function on her gun to levitate objects, like the portal gun.
And with this two way portal, I’m certain she’s literally Chell.
the treat is a lie.
(Fun fact: sometimes, someone with autism doesn’t speak, and uses nonverbal means of communication. Chell doesn’t speak throughout both games, and symmetra has autism. Probably just a coincidence, tho)

I don’t get it. Does Symm have to press a button after it’s placed, to send people through?
Does the player standing in it have to press a button?
Or do you mean just needing a button to place it? Wasn’t that always implied?

I hope it’s not the first one, besides an occasional clip on Reddit, it’s not like Mei elevator sees much use - and that’s quite similar functionality.

Moira? Reinhardt? Briggite? Junkrat? Those heroes are really accessible by disabled players.

(Potential 195 dps) I think she will be fine.

This sounds incredibly broken if the entire team can just “hide” inside the teleporter to escape death.

Not really hiding … just teleporting up to 25m away, depending on the TP location.

It would be nice to have some idea on what Blizzard is doing

Imagine Temple point A.
The enemy attacks and everyone gest in the teleporter. Then they all spawn on high ground and gang on the eneimes from bove.

Yup, it gives so many tactical advantages. This is why I am really liking the teleporter overhaul.

Does this mean I can pop back into spawn to regen and jump right back into battle?

No. Sym can place a TP up to 25m away and the second drops at her feet. If your that close to spawn you might as well just walk. Also there is a individual cooldown between using the TP for each player.

I don’t think I like that :confused:

It is going from a “get your team back in the fight faster” skill to a “Move your team around the battlefield” skill.

So it would seem. IMHO, getting back to tah fight has more value than moving the team around the battle field.

After seeing this i’m more able to articulate what I mean. I hope Symmetra’s Primary Fire has a hitbox in line with her existing one or similar to Moira’s.

yeah, a way more bigger and forgiving hit box though

works similar, but i still firmly say its not pixel perfect at all and tracking intensive as zarya
shes above winston tho, like its said in the video

I think it means your teammate will have to click the teleporter to use it.

Oh my god, hello.
That’s me. I wrote that. Hello.

A few months later I regret like 80% of it because it was written in a weekend long bender trying to put off my actual work and a lot of it is overly convoluted…!

But I was right about the teleporter!

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