Symmetra Rework Update?

Unfortunately, it depends on the disability as to if they’re an appropriate replacement. A lot of us prefer Sym because her gun is forgiving of shaky movement, her turrets can be placed leisurely and slow the enemy down to help match slower reaction times, and neither her ult or kit require fast-paced reaction or accurate aim.

Unfortunately, with Moira and Brig, that’s not the case. Moira’s primary acts like Zarya’s (albeit with a faux auto-lock visual), and her orbs need to be fairly well aimed or they float to the wrong area. That coupled with the increased demand for quick reflexes to dive in and teleport away, makes her not overly accessible. As for Brig, while her primary doesn’t require aim, she still needs it for her flail and armor. Additionally, her ult requires her to be in the thick of the fight much of the time.

If there intent was to make more accessible heros before removing Sym 2.0, they should really think about consulting with someone about accessibility.


I’m afraid that all of these ideas will make Symmetra too strong and she will become a must-pick on defense.

Do you have a link? I’m interested in taking a look at it now.

They are still in the making of ideas process.

I had a concept that once the shield gen gets placed, it starts draining her ult bar. She needs to keep getting ult charge to keep it active. Set that timer to something like 45 seconds, and the enemy team will always be on a conundrum if they need to seek it out to break it, or wait until it expires. It also incentivize Symmetra to stay alive longer, since if she have to return from spawn, she will lose 20ish seconds that she could be using building ult charge, and depending on when she died, this means her ult will expires before she have a chance to re-earn it.


Moira and Zarya beam works exactly the same. The only difference is that Moira beam have a larger hit area, and the visual effects always “lock” at the center of the target.


You know I had the same thought, where she could keep it powered by keeping her ult charge up and being active. She really needs something to keep working towards after she places an ult so that’s one of the things that occurred to me about how to make it more active. I think it would have to not be destructible in that case, because having it just be destroyed by a tracer bomb while you’re in the middle of some brawl on the point and keeping it charged would be a really bad feeling. The counter play could just be killing the Sym and once she dies the generator goes offline. It’d give your team incentive to protect her and encourage her to stay with her team.

It’s a cool idea, I don’t know if it’s any better than making it temporary, but it could be fun to play around with.

Or not, since when its broken, you can just keep doing what you are already doing to charge the next one, and you forced Tracer out of the fight to deal with your ult, making your team fight 6v5 for a while.

Meanwhile genji mains are saying “Will genji be able the deflect symmetra turrets?” :unamused::roll_eyes: smh


As for right now, I really want to see how this rework plays out. Idk how “effective” those turrets are that give them the idea to lower the amount to 3. I do know for sure she won’t be able to cover flanking routes, which SHOULD be her primary job. When it hits to PTR, this community better be 100% honest with symmetra’s flexibility and defensive kit.

I certainly do!

Maybe some things here and there are a bit strong, but that is a balancing thing that can be suggested and fixed and what not, but the first time I read it, I was blown away by how remarkable and beautiful it all sounded.

Edit: It wouldn’t let me link properly, sorry about that.
Oh, also it does have a ramp up damage thing, but the whole ability works differently and still could do with removal too, but yeah. Still it was an interesting rework that sounded good to me, but I am not a sym main or anything, so I wouldn’t necessarily know either.

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Surprise Bastion 2.0 is coming !


That’s an absolutely fascinating video. Thanks for sharing. The only thing I like then is the visual element of the Moira beam.

Symmetra was always chell in my opinion.
Like she has a gun that looks almost exactly like the portal gun.
She has a function on her gun to levitate objects, like the portal gun.
And with this two way portal, I’m certain she’s literally Chell.
the treat is a lie.
(Fun fact: sometimes, someone with autism doesn’t speak, and uses nonverbal means of communication. Chell doesn’t speak throughout both games, and symmetra has autism. Probably just a coincidence, tho)

I don’t get it. Does Symm have to press a button after it’s placed, to send people through?
Does the player standing in it have to press a button?
Or do you mean just needing a button to place it? Wasn’t that always implied?

I hope it’s not the first one, besides an occasional clip on Reddit, it’s not like Mei elevator sees much use - and that’s quite similar functionality.

Moira? Reinhardt? Briggite? Junkrat? Those heroes are really accessible by disabled players.

(Potential 195 dps) I think she will be fine.

This sounds incredibly broken if the entire team can just “hide” inside the teleporter to escape death.

Not really hiding … just teleporting up to 25m away, depending on the TP location.