Symmetra rework rant

Maybe. As I said, we have only the barebones of Sanjay portal. It’s all theorycraft over that thus far. But remember that the exit will have an HP value, and breaking either side, close the path. Those are things we know because Geoff said so to us.

When you add the point that Sym need line of sight between both portals, if you are on the defending team, and hear the TP forming behind you, it might be possible for them to focus fire on the TP, and maybe break it after only one or two people from your team crossed it. And now they are trapped behind enemy lines, and probably lack mobility options, or they would have no reason to take the TP in the first place.

But just to make it clear again: The issue is not with the Teleporter as ability. It’s not that her gun is being changed. It’s not the loss of Shield Generator. It’s not the Infinity Wall. People are reacting to everything combined at the same time. That the the problematic thing. They are leaving nothing left of OG Symmetra (Sym 2.0, aka, current one, basically gave us a new ability and changed an old ability into an ultimate), and that is making us feel like the character is being deleted.


Symmetra is a trouble character for blizzard because she’s so hard to balance. She’s binary. Black and White. All or nothing. Nondynamic. She’s either tweaked to be op or not tweaked enough. There’s no middle ground because of her design.

Sentry placement slow removal? Ok? That won’t do much. Hooray we can walk faster. If an enemy was after you, you’d die anyway. Also you’re still unable to attack.

Photon barrier slowed down? No longer good on attack. Can run with it. Won’t keep up. Change shape? Wooptydoo! Enemy can run through it and bulk damage you while you ramp up from 30dps.

Etc etc. She needs an overhaul. Her current overhaul isn’t even that drastic. At the end of the day she’s still sentry lady.

In case of people following her, it allow her to place turrets on the run. If you remember, her turrets have a slowdown effect. If she can place them on the run, she can escape pursuers by simply outrunning them, be it because they got caught in the sentry, or because they stopped to break them.

It also allow Symmetra to walk between turret spots much quicker, so she don’t take 12 seconds to place all of her six turrets in any formation other than deathgate (that, BTW, is her weakest turret formation)

In case anyone is curious what those “other formations” are, here is a bunch of examples:

Photon Barrier movement speed is perfect. It’s literally the same a walking speed, so we can run behind them all day long.

Photon Barrier complaints are that it spawn a few meters ahead of where Symmetra is positioned, so its possible that you cast the barrier, but is still hit by a projectile that was on the move, and it passed through the shield “spawn point” just in time for the projectile to land, while you see your shield move without you.

You clearly show a misunderstanding of Symmetra complaints, and where her kit should be used.

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Okay, I’ll bite.

Tracer is one example. I play a lot of Zenyatta, so I’m usually easy pickings for a decent Tracer player. But, if my aim is good enough (or if I’m lucky) I can land a nice headshot on a very small, fast-moving target and deal with her handily. It’s pretty satisfying to outplay my opponent.

Say I’m playing Widowmaker. Winston counters me, but if I play well enough and have good enough aim, I can drive him off or kill him outright. Most times he just kills me, but those times where I win the duel that he is favored in? Sweet as molasses.

Yeah, sure, getting killed isn’t fun, but it’s that opportunity to outplay your opponent that makes it worthwhile.

As for Symmetra, her problem isn’t in dealing with her, per se, it’s in dealing with her buildings. I can outplay Symmetra’s beam and shield. What I can’t outplay are her buildings. Typically they require teamwork to track down and destroy, and if she places it well and her team defends it, it is nigh-impossible for one player to destroy it on their own.

It’s just a chore, and you HAVE to deal with it; Shield Generators win games, but all too often, your team doesn’t notice that your enemies have 75 more health than they do.

Misunderstanding? Lol you’re not even using photon barrier correctly and want to change it for the sake of a playstyle it wasn’t meant for.

You, as a Symmetra, are supposed to be in the back lines, spamming orbs. Barrier is made walking speed to :

A) quickly be by thrown from the backlines to save a teammate.

B) rush forward.

PB was never meant to relably be used for up close personal use.

Don’t tell me I don’t understand sym, I’m been playing her since beta thank you very much

Game time isn’t always equal to game understanding (Neither is rank, for what its worth). So, let’s skip all this “I play since beta” thing.

I wasn’t saying the primary use of her barrier was for close, personal use. I was pointing out that the main complaint about her barrier is that it allow projectiles to get into the gap between Symmetra herself and the point where the barrier spawn.

It’s not even hard to find those complaints. Give a read to the old and new Symmetra megathread and you can find a lot of them.

Yaaaaasssssssszsssss you’re so right though

Thank you for actually replying.

But isn’t her turrets and ult placement also part of Symmetra’s skill? If she place the turrets all around the place where you can’t find them all without being hit by another, isn’t that a testament of that Symmetra player… outplaying you?

If so, what makes that different than not seeing a Reaper on a side room, walking out and murdering your team from behind? Or a Widow that jumped from one perch to another, so that she can shoot from an angle your Orisa shield don’t cover?

If not, why not? The turrets don’t spontaneously sprout randomly around her, and good Syms rarely place turrets “at random”. Why trying to read the opponents intention and preparing the defense in advance is not just a different skill compared to “aiming”?

You HAVE to deal with a lot of stuff in OW if you want to succeed. If there is a Soldier in the high ground, you need to send someone to contest him there, or he will kill everyone with ease. If the enemy have a Widowmaker, you need to be aware of her sightlines full time, or risk being picked. If the enemy have a Mercy, you need to keep an eye to stun her if she tries to Rez anyone. And so on.

It’s kinda like the “we have to play around that hero” argument. That is not unique to off-meta players, or even Symmetra in specific. All the complaints about her also apply to at least half the cast, even some super meta heroes.

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I’ve never had an issue with that gap :confused: Moreso the cooldown

  1. Increasing ult placement range won’t fix overall uselessness. Teleporter will be valuable only if your allies die. Shield gen isn’t that powerful, and both ultimates can be destroyed.
  2. Shape - maybe, speed - no. Core thing about Photon Barrier - it moves with same speed as normal hero movement speed
  3. So what? Shield gen is still trash.
  4. Actually - good, but not for “support” playstyle.
  5. Yes. This is one thing that will actually help her.
  6. Increase range and make her aim - actually good idea. Because of lock-on fire, it may be hard to focus one target from the crowd, because you will lock on other heroes.
  7. Yes.
  8. Good.

But this changes won’t make her good support. She doesn’t have any good role (or anything she can do better that other hero).

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Thanks for vocalizing this more eloquently than I could have lol.

Her Ults are a huge issue that hold her back.

ITT Symm scared that they have to aim. GOOD.

You’re totally missing the point of the rework. It’s not because omgshesop its because she needed a buff.

If syms beam bothers you so much, you need to reevaluate yourself. Either youre too bad to deal with it or youre some elitist who chose to walk into one of the most casual fps games out there lol.

Because they goal is to change the people’s perception towards her, not making her objectively viable.

Objectively, she is already viable. The presense of many Symmetra mains on GM that are getting reported is the evidence. They don’t just get there by luck. It’s just that many people simply don’t like her thus they are forced to change her.

If anything, it’s those bastards’ fault. They are not willing to cooperate and they do not respect that there are characters that play differently than what they have known before, nor they accept there are people who are good with her.

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0.00% pickrate in OWL. The best of the best, who could find purpose for torbjorn, pre-buffed mei, broken mei, never had a reason where symmetra was viable decision.

How is a wonky tp ok? How is a measly 75 shields as an ult ok? How is having a stationary destructible ult ok?

She’s “viable” in the sense that she isn’t literally broken. But she’s out shined by others.

It’s not some *&%^ing conspiracy! She’s objectively not good enough! Are these changes the ones that’ll help her? idk, but she needs fixing.

She is not picked in OWL because you could play other heroes with less efforts and less coordination.

In OWL where the goal is for the team to win with the least possible effort. She will not be picked.

But in GM where people could play their own favourite heroes, she is still picked and function.


none of your suggestions would do anything to fix symmetra and her inherit problem.

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Yup she is outshined. But she is viable.

How are these not ok ?

This is the only rework we need for sym.

For real though I’m excited for the rework.