Symmetra Rework: Defense or Support?

This. Sounds. AWESOME.

I can’t wait to try this out! Completely reinvigorated my enthusiasm for Symmetra.

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I want to know more about the TP.
I mean on the last tweak it was 31 Teleports and uptime 6%. I hope for everyone you dont change TP to an Ability :frowning: :confused:

/ Are the turrets HP health or shield ?


(Moira voice) Brilliant.

Everyone going “Symm no aim no skill hero booooo” is going to see this and spontaneously combust.

They’re not making her more mechanical-skill-based at all. Literally making deploying her auto-aim turrets even more effortless.

I love it.


Because who needs skill? Amirite?

Competitive esport btw

Maybe not. They could use this style of movement for it.

Aiming isn’t the only skill that exists.

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And don’t forget there will be less of them so there will be less thinking involved in placements.

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If anything, now you have to be more thoughtful in your placement.

Can we get numbers on the damage/slow amount you think it’ll be doing? Because it sounds like they’ll still be really easy to kill and since there will be so few of them it’ll be easy to get rid of them.

What about other abilities and weapon?

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Okay, but throwing turrets on a wall is hardly skillful. lbr. Honestly, I think if they want Symm to be viable they should get rid of the turrets all together and make her an actual dps hero.

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I am confident you get a ton more strategies not less.
You are only thinking about - placing her turrets in a defensive environment, not offensive environment.

For example, say your team is about to engage an enemy group. You can now shoot your turrets in advance, behind the enemy. So when they escape, they literally escape into your turret nest.

He already said 30hp per turret, and each turret is buffed to slightly more than double speed and damage.


I’m curious on how you guys are changing her weapon? Mainly her orb, since I believe her beam only needs a sound reduction.

I still want to know about the Tele.

Will it work as I suggested? As a team mobility option?

Or is it still from spawn, back to the fight?

Not really there is only half the total number so instead of placing spread out so the enemy has to turn more directions to take them out they will only have to turn half as much.

Also can’t use them to check on a flank route or warn team when Sombra returns to a certain health pack and various other strategic plays.

But there will be more brute force which isn’t what I wanted at all for her rework.
I will give it a chance but if I don’t like it I am going to waste no time moving on to one of my other 390 games.

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I saw that it said 30hp, although the numbers may change, which is why I didn’t ask. Nothing was given on the damage and slow amount, besides that it will be increased and “almost” like two turrets.

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You should bind her turrets to her right click and give her an entire new ability. It makes sense now.

He said they are worth two turrets now. So on console, a turret would do 51 DPS, while on PC they’d do 60 DPS.

I am not a Sym main or even a fan. But I may be interested in picking her up after the changes.

But quick question. With these turrets, do you feel they may come into play as to helping with soft countering mobility since they have a little hp now and must be focused? So for an example, a wild tracer appears. Sym throws a turret or two out in places she thinks tracer may be or end up. Will the turrets have a pretty good impact in your opinion since the turrets are now stronger and ranged?

Thank you in advance.

Based on the time between when they first hinted at the nature of the Hanzo rework and when it went to PTR, I’m gonna say we’ll see this Symmetra on PTR in 2.5 months give or take.