Symmetra ptr nerfs?

Not even a compensation buff? How can they nerf her without at least fixing her teleporter bugs to make it more consistant. They should be working to make her viable.

Honestly it really does feel like they don’t care about her. If they let nerfs go live to her while she needs help then thats the message they’re sending.


I think getting 4 minutes of play time in Overwatch League was too much for the devs they needed her nerfed so she can have 0 play time again. TOO OP


It could be that they are watching how it affects Torb first to judge if they should change Sym. I’d trade a bit of damage for a shield buff tbh…

I made jokes about that actually. Now I wish I didn’t haha.


oh yeah i totally feel that. i use sym as a secondary since im a fan of turrets. Would be nice if they let her secondary go through shields again, let her aimlock again, and gave her an additional turret even. Despite me not even being around for it, i kinda miss support sym

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I’ll gladly keep it 3 max if they’d reduce the cooldown. Its far too long for how easy they are to break.


thats a fair tradeoff. i’d like that better than my own idea

I love Symmetra and everything around her.

Her personality.
Her backstory.
Her weapon.
Her everything.

But I have sadly to admit that she is probably the hero and that developers are failing nearly everything when it comes to her… -> most failed character in my eyes.

I feel you… cries in japanese


If that were the case and it helps her stay alive? Id be for all for it as well. Without any sort of buffs foreseeable though its worrying.

You’re correct I don’t play a lot of sym, but it’s not because I think she’s bad, I just don’t really find her play style fun. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have valid opinions about the hero based on how I’ve seen others played, or playing against her. Don’t pretend just because you play a hero a lot that you’re the only person who’s allowed to have an opinion about them.

It’s confirmed by Josh Noh Overwatch Developer. “Zarya and Symmetra are roughly the same at low charge and deal less damage to armor health pools than before while at high charge.”


100% this! i love Symmetra in every aspect, but this nerf is horrible * cries in argentinian*

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beam doesn’t get boosted by his ult. only orbs.

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Hi, hopefully I can clear some of the number stuff up.
Symmetra does 65/130/195 damage per second at each respective charge level against non-armored health pools.

Against the original armor calculation (-5 dmg per hit) this got a flat 25 DPS reduction and a 15 DPS reduction after the armor changes to -3 per hit.

So with this current PTR patch, at level 1 charge you gain +2 DPS versus armor, at level 3 you lose 24 DPS compared to before (now 156, previously 180).

This ends up being a difference of about .17 seconds in time to kill 200 armor health. We’ll see if this ends up being significant or not and go from there. I will say there wasn’t any specific intent to reduce Symmetra’s power.


You guys have reduced Symmetras power more than you realize.


It’s like nerfing high damage beam but buffing low damage bullet ?

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This was never in any patch notes. When was it changed from 60/120/180 ?


Ohhh nice. I hope they answer this question.

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It buffs everyone else more though. We ran it with an Ashe… it is madness.


Oh yay, the devs said that she does 195 damage

I was worried about the people that kept quoting 180 despite all the videos and posts stating otherwise. :slight_smile: