Symmetra ptr nerfs?

Which is why I’d really like to know, without a shadow of a doubt, what the statistics are instead of relying on all these hearsay accounts. At this point we can’t be sure of her DPS or tickrate.

Well aren’t you precious

Its amazing how torb gets a survivability buff and he has overload, yet all Sym gets is not being able to get ult charge once her ult is up, looks like they really dont care about her.



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Yes it does. So what was the winter patch buff? Her tier 2 damage, it used to have a tickrate of 6 x 20, so the damage was reduced by 50%, so 3, making it deal 60 damage instead of 120, after winter patch it was 8 x 15, what made it reduced to 5, making it deal 75 instead of 120.

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Excuse me? Before was 50% now is 20% thats a huge buff.

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someone tested it and change is basically, nonexistent. it takes the same time to kill stuff as always.
symmetra didnt get buffed .
gg for you guys

Again… what’s your evidence for this? How do we know what is trustworthy? No one could agree on what that patch did after it dropped. Many people were convinced nothing at all changed, and now suddenly we’re sure with no apparent test to reference as a source?

Did you test it yourself?
Anyway, I am gonna test it once I go back in game in few hours.

I do hope we get some dev insight on this matter in the meantime tho.


Care to link it for us?

If it is a nerf to sym, it’s very minor

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LOL wow a nerf to Symmetra in her current state? That’s like a slap in the face. Thanks Blizz, I didn’t hate the rework enough before, but now that you’re nerfing her terrible, terrible laser pointer that can’t kill diddly is just… Mmm, icing on that sh*t cake you’re servin’ me.


There you go guys, its a nerf.


So we were right with the tickrate… I guess no testing needed.


I still want to know how badly Blizz screwed the pooch on this one. If the tickrate’s 4, that’s a 15% DPS cut on the worst weapon in the game, so I want to have that confirmed so I can laugh harder at the OW team.

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Yeah, and sadly I play both : / That being said… with all the changes in game its hard to sort out the real impact…

Its a nerf mate. Really sucks.


I want to **** these developers, omg how can they think this is fine???


on the bright side, my man torb got an hp buff

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Im legit happy for you. Im angry Symm didnt get it as well, but I won’t deny Torb doesnt need help as well.


Yeah, Torb, Soldier and Mei buffs made me happy, they were struggling a lot, but nerf symmetra my second main hero, it makes me so angry, I can’t even express how sad and angry I’m, because I will probably get banned