Symmetra ptr nerfs?

I don’t know sym’s tick rate so I have no idea what the exact reduction is/was.

this is meant to nerf zarya. sym is just a bye product

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Actually, it is a buff to Zarya and a buff to Winston.

Poor Reinhardt, losing his shield and dying in a 2v1 after…

12 seconds. So squishy. Symmetra OP.


The last thing Zarya needs is a buff lol.

My assumption is that this would only apply to her left click only, which was absolutely atrocious against armor.

Baptistes ult will be a buff for her tho. With nano or supercharger, her orbs do 180. If Amp Matrix flat out doubles the damage, those fat monsters will deal 240. It makes her an actual sniper.

Her beam could also do 360, but I’d imagine that would be difficult to pull off.

Her tickrate was stealthfixed to 4/sec in Winter Wonderland patch, with a smaller damaging instatick at the beginning to prevent the PTR 3.0 release bug. So if I math correctly, this is actually nerf to Sym beam. How funny.

That being said, does it affect turrets? The turrets might be buffed with this. What was their tickrate?

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If that’s true, then her damage per tick against armour is going down from 40 to 36. That’s a 10% cut on her DPS, on the worst weapon in the game. Because reasons.

And that’s just on 1 lvl charge. It will be even more potent on her higher charge levels…

Sym is my third most played heroe, I can feel the frustration of Sym mains. Perhaps she was bad designed. It’s the only explanation I have for Sym.

Nah, I calculated that for 180 DPS. Stage 1, 60, would go from 10 to 12, so that’s a 20% increase. Stage 2, 120, would go from 25 to 24, so that’s a negligible nerf.

Her design isn’t bad. The balance work is utter garbage and the rework was a complete disaster.


Armor reduces dmg by 3.


They are honestly just ignoring her now. I haven’t even seen a torb thread on this but I damn well see a million Sym threads promoting the exact same thing.


Oh right, it’s 3 now. So it’s 12 to 12 on stage 1, and from 27 to 24, on stage 2, a 15% drop.

Stage 3 would be 42 to 36, a little under 15% cut.

Torb is covered in armor. Sym is a tiny frail girl in a dress with one of the smallest hitboxes in the game. She absolutely does not need or deserve a boost in HP. Raising her HP to 250 is probably one of the dumbest buff suggestions I’ve seen for her out of every suggestion available.

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It’s not a direct buff, since the armour got taken out of his overload. So if he’s not maxed out and he uses Overload, he gets less HP to work with.

Torb needs help too, but he’s not getting anything either.

You reading wrong. It’s a buff to all Beam user heroes.

Unless the beams did more than 15 damage per tick, in which case it is a nerf.

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