Symmetra ptr nerfs?

Symmetra now has a “THICK BEAM”, is one of the worst insults. Along with the nonexistant 60 splash damage, and orbs that are as fast as pharah rockets and so on.


did ya’ll not catch the fact she has no victory poses or highlight intros in which to show off her golden gun?

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I am livid. We suspected for so long we were being ignored. It’s just galling to have it finally confirmed.


Then why in the world are you guys still going through with this nerf, when it’s unintentional and not giving her compensation buffs in the same patch? When she is already struggling and very weak and not a desirable character in a team comp and desperately needs all the buffs she can get?

Unbelievable. Straight up incompetence.


increase the interact radius of her TP

Make it deploy faster

Let her orbs fire at 30mps like she was originally stated to

Let her hold her orbs

What an absolute joke.


well, to be honest unless the Devs say how can we know. Now we know.

These are stats I got from a video on Youtube (credits to SupremeKotor)

TIME TO KILL BASTION (Pick rate in parenthesis by the end of Season 14)
Moira: 7.8 —> 6.98 (6.32%)
Winston: 6.95 —> 5.44 (2.62%)
Zarya: 4.4 —> 4.08 (6.59%)
Symmetra: 3.61 —> 3.82 (0.77%)

So, out of all the beam-based heroes, it’s the least popular one that gets nerfed? It’s ridiculous, especially when Symmetra was supposed to be reworked into a tank-buster. And in a game like Overwatch, every millisecond counts.

It doesn’t even help that she’s extremely squishy with her 200 health and short-range. At least do something about that!


What I don’t understand is why they would allow this to go to the ptr without any form of compensation buffs to go with it. I genuinely hope they have plans to test it then add some buffs later, rather then them either not caring or neglecting it was a nerf.

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Thanks for clarifying this. I hope you don’t take the reactions personally, we really do appreciate finally knowing these things.

That being said, can you guys like, hire me on solely to write up the patch notes from now on? I’m obsessive over detail and accuracy which is apparently in great need for this task. OW patch notes quality is an actual meme at this point.

Does anybody know how this applies or affects Sym’s turrets? Since they do low damage individually, does this mean a slight buff to their damage against armor?

Well that’s the last thing symm needs. She needs Jesus fast

can we please have auto lock like sym 2.0? cuz that what made her specials.

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No she does not.

This is a literal Dev post. She does. They admitted it was wrong in the patch notes from 8 months ago.

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thank you, didnt seee

actually her primary got much during the Winter Wonderland update…it was just silent buffed

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Honestly hard to believe.

Symmetera was intently designed to have longest cool downs, with slowest ramp up times. So it is not to much of a stretch to see it also having the lowest damage top it off.

Hat Trick of poor balance.

  • Can we please reduce Turret CD to 6s
  • Teleporter construction to 0.6s?

They just released some additional buffs to Symmetra, bless.

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They released about 15 minutes ago a new ptr notes that include a buff for Symm

Not necessarily fixes I was hoping for, but I’m really hopeful this is a step in the right direction.

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