Symmetra ptr nerfs?

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thank you, didnt seee

actually her primary got much during the Winter Wonderland update…it was just silent buffed

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Honestly hard to believe.

Symmetera was intently designed to have longest cool downs, with slowest ramp up times. So it is not to much of a stretch to see it also having the lowest damage top it off.

Hat Trick of poor balance.

  • Can we please reduce Turret CD to 6s
  • Teleporter construction to 0.6s?

They just released some additional buffs to Symmetra, bless.

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They released about 15 minutes ago a new ptr notes that include a buff for Symm

Not necessarily fixes I was hoping for, but I’m really hopeful this is a step in the right direction.

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I’m glad that they’re at least compensating that nerf. 20% is no joke! Will be better for taking out squishies.


A thousand couch commanders have been having a continual aneurysm since that post.

I’m grateful they at least listened to the community about this and appreciate the buff.

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Oof, well this thread aged badly.

So that one guy was right and it was 195 all along :joy:

I will say there’s an irony in how many people I saw made the suggestion they change her beam to 65/130/195 which is pretty funny when you think about it.

Sooo… Damage reduction dropped from 50% to 20% is a nerf? Doing more damage is a nerf?

Sym will now do more damage sooner against armor and that’s considered a nerf?

I swear either trolls are getting better or people don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s like one person, who doesn’t understand something, says something is a nerf and suddenly a bunch of people are crying in outrage.

Hang on, hang on… the previous iteration of armor interaction did not cut Symmetra’s damage in half.

With 5 ticks in 1 second, at 195 per second, Symmetra was literally only losing 15 damage a second on armor, meaning she was dealing 180 DPS against armored targets.

Now, she will deal 156 damage against armor per second at max level charge. That’s a loss of 24 DPS… which is a nerf. People don’t seem to understand that. Josh Noh made a developer comment stating these exact values, and how it does in fact nerf Symmetra’s and Zarya’s high level charge against armor.


we had a compensation buff

Now it’ll take 1.3 seconds to ramp up if i did my math correctly (and i never do).

This is correct. The 20% applies to her already existing ramp up time, not the previous iteration. So currently, it’s roughly 1.6 seconds for each ramp period. Take .32 seconds off and you get 1.28 seconds for each period of ramp, or 2.56 seconds in total to reach max level charge.

that is a good change, she has problem dealing damage at the start, now she can get to the decent damage faster.
I think in the end it’s a good tradeoff.

Why dont you take a literal step back before accusing anyone of being a troll mate.
I literally had a dev confirm she would be doing less damage

The buffs were added a day after I made this post. Just because you didn’t see it doesnt make me a troll.

See that bit right there??? They were literally nerfing her before they added the buff today. So buzz off with that “troll” nonsense.

If anyone doesnt know what they’re talking about, it’s you hun.

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  • Beam-type damage is now reduced by 20% when hitting armor

They’re basically saying instead of getting the 50% damage reduction she’s getting the 20% damage reduction.

I’d like to know where you found this. I can’t find anything credible regarding her tick rate; the only things I’m finding are that it’s around ~20/sec from about 10 months ago.

Also read

Which of course includes beam damage.

Meaning the intital reduction in damage through armour that applies to all damage archetypes has been removed and replaced with an overall 20% damage reduction.

It’s a change in the way they do the math, not a nerf to the beams overall damage.