Symmetra ptr nerfs?

Overall the ptr seems rather agreeable. A lot of these changes are necessary, and rebalance quite well.
I do have a gripe with one specific change though.

Why? Symmetra’s primary is already garbage. Reducing its power by 1/5th on armor is insane. Especially when we need counters for goats.

On top of this Torbjorn got that 250 health buff that people have been suggesting continuously for Symm, fixed a bug that got her out of maps but not other bug fixes she needs for teleporter.

Edit: It has been confirmed as a nerf to symm so please dont say its a buff.


I can’t believe that she got a nerf! I’m so angry!


Looks like they are not buffing her because they are already working on Sym 4.0. One can hope.


Get a baptiste on your team. You will literally beam them all to death before it even matters.

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I think this replaces the existing armor interaction. I’m not sure if that’s a buff or a nerf for Sym (it will vary by hero).


Armor used to half most of them so now it’s 20% instead. The wording is bad.


Usally they’d write “reduced from 50 to 20%”
The way this is written makes it sound like the damage in general is being reduced.


This is instead of the normal armor nerfing. This is actually a buff to beam heroes in almost all cases. I didn’t run the numbers but it almost certainly benefits sym.


To be fair if a sym-mercy combo focus a rein, they can melt his shield, retain full magazine, get to lvl 3 power then procced to almost instantly kill him. Giving him slightly more survivability on that first 100 health seems fair.


That’s because the mechanics changed. It’s not from 50% to 20%. It’s “from how armor used to work, to a flat 20% reduction”. The amount of actual change is dynamic based on the beam’s damage and tickrate, which itself can fluctuate such as in syms case.


OP, this is a buff.

Sym’s damage used to be halved.


So wait did it use to get reduced by 50% or not? Or was it only reduced by 50% at max beam not base beam?

This is the actual nerf T_T


Ah okay, I gotcha. The way it was worded made me think otherwise.

Also are the forums buggy to anyone else right now? Its going incredibly slow, cant click reply until hitting it ten times, won’t refresh, cant view likes. Its only the forums for me too so it’s not my internet.

High use is overloading the forums. Received a message earlier “Due to high load you are viewing the forums like any logged out user would”.


Shouldn’t have derailed my own post though smh lol

Did you really get a lot of ult charge during the casting animation? I think you can still get ult charge while the barrier is up.

I mean it ultimately depended on your turrets. But idk it just didnt feel necessary, as small as it may be.

I dont understand why certain heroes gain ult charge while their current is active, but not others. Sombra and Symmetra cannot, while Ashe can. Is it due to them being more defensive than offensive?


I cant give you a 100% correct answer but I’d imagine it has to do with ult charge requirement vs its uptime vs average damage done by the hero that determines this.

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