Symmetra needs a skin for this year's summer games

Sym is the only hero in this game who can have an entire event centered entirely around her and people will still talk about how she’s been given nothing.


I never said she’s been given nothing, i just said I hope she gets a skin for summer games…

why are you even getting pressed over this?


Calling it how I see it =/= getting pressed over anything.

She doesn’t. She also doesn’t deserve new skin - or anything really.

The more they ignore that stupid character, the more people will stray away from her, resulting in more incentive for them to just remove or rework her into something that isn’t obnoxious or badly designed.

??? I don’t have even 15 mins on her in my total play time but I don’t need to even have install overwatch to realize how criminal blizz has been with her.


I say she should get an exclusive OWL costume for their next tournament. They almost never miss.

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Kinda agressive but i have to agree that she is obnoxious to play against, they should make her tp the main feature of her, like reducing the cast time and cooldown, turrets are just dumb

People will still complain, because you ‘can’t’ get it for free.

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Turrets are dumb if you have negative brain cells :man_shrugging:t2:

You just set a target on yourself :dart:

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But I didnt even write the post in a way that suggests shes been given nothing, I know she had an event, and I just though giving her a summer games skin when she doesent have one and after a long time of no legendary events skins would be nice. I never said anything about the art team or the devs neglecting her in any way…

Didn´t devs just say, that she is going to get legendary soon? I guess…just wait till summer event and see…?

Idk I mean I didnt know they said that, and yes hopefully it will be a summer games skin

They probably don’t give her any skins because they obviously don’t care about the hero or her community.

They gave her a rework that wasn’t at all targeted to her players and have ignored them and their suggestions for years now.

Why bother giving skins to a hero if you obviously don’t want anyone to play her.

Yeah it was said I think during AMA reddit - among other things like OWL skins are probably going back in OW2. Someone asked about Symmetra and this was said, that she is going to get something very soom.

More here:

she hasn’t gotten a event legendary skin since winter wonderland 2018. so 3 years actually. and no her challenge skin doesn’t count because it was a limited epic skin, her tyrande skin doesn’t count because it was limited that costed 40-60 dollars.

OMG! She should get a table tennis skin, and her weapon is a paddle that shoots out the balls :3

Then that’s their fault for not watching the OverWatch League. They could get an extremely extravagant costume for free just for having it running in the background occasionally. This would make up for the lack of legendaries in recent years. I still only wear my Super Saiyan Blue Tracer costume on the off chance I use her and it’s 3 years old.

Please Rhythmic Gymnastics Symmetra.

OwL Tokens are not available in all regions of the World.
They might as well be watching it and receive nothing, and they could do nothing about it.