Symmetra lock on beam is an iconic ability, pls dont remove it, we can balance this!

bronze omegalul
Im in plat. Although Im not surprised you think thats considering that the quality of sym players doesnt really change till masters+

Oh the ‘out of position’ argument, how did that go for the Hog players?


She’s just one hero. There are plenty of other heroes with aim assist skills or weapons to cater to those that can’t aim well for whatever reason(s)

this argument again… people dont want to play another hero when they are in love with sym


I AM a sym main, And my favorite thing on her is the weapon. The primary And secundary already awesome.
#keepSymmetra #NotWantMiniZarya




The Primary is boring to use, and sometimes frustratingly powerful to play against. Both of those extremes are bad.

I can somewhat see an argument to keep her Secondary, but the new version feels like it is going to give her many more options than she currently has.

I can’t wait to see her as a viable pick rather than being reserved as either a troll pick or by someone who joins the game and has a macro that types “I am a dirty Sym main and won’t be playing anything else, sorry”. Not a joke, got 3 different people with a similar macro last season.

I don’t think is boring, it’s cool to who do not have a good aim, makes viable fight against the “mada mada” jumpers genji and still easily to counter, try play against a mccree, hanzo and widow :frowning: . Her primary already ok, but the opponents need to eliminate her quickily like a reaper in your back. Increases fire rate and speed in the secundary shot already makes her viable in more situations, i think the real problem was be a “support” hero with this pack, support need to give cure and another specific hability, not just melt the enemies. Sorry the bad english.

Aiming straight beams isn’t too hard, as seen with Zarya and Moira. It takes great tracking to apply the full DPS which is essential for a low charge Zarya/Moira. So I suppose the same applies to Symmetra now too… Except she gets Zarya amounts of DPS when her charge goes up by attacking people/shields - no bubbles required.

I assume she’ll still have lower range tho. I guess we just have to wait to see.

I am not a good hitscan either. I support, tank and for DPS play a decent Reaper.

You don’t need a lock on beam to play this game, you can for sure find a role that you can play well without pinpoint accuracy.

Oh no, i am sym main but i play with soldier, reaper and lucio too (and mercy, but thats secret since she also has lock hehe), anyway i like the lock on, can be softer like a moira (maybe not so soft to do not a drastic change), but she have the mostly different weapon in the game and thats good in a game like this where each one has its own characteristics. Sym just marked like a troll hero :frowning:

Maaaaan, your aim is so fuking better than mine D:
Your soldier have 39% while mine have 23%, I am shamed. hahaha

the aim argument is so weak i cant even tell you. how about you aim at symmetras head and kill her before you get microwaved?! if you cant do it learn to aim


Most people who are happy or want to change the symmetra do not even play with her, they just want to stop facing it because it is more comfortable not to have someone melting you. You just need the statistic of this player with sym, and the statistics of a sym main to see the diference.


I made a topic like this not long ago. Got called a whiner and just had “learn to aim” shouted at me over and over again.

I agree that Symmetra shouldn’t lose her auto-lock. Let’s find a middle ground. Tone down the auto-lock so it’s more a soft lock. It breaks contact as soon as line of sight is broken or the enemy is too close to the edge of the screen. If she really needs a damage buff since she’s moving to defense then buff it but not as much as they originally said to offer balance.

Too much of her kit is changing to the point that she’s basically being deleted. Please let us at least keep this one aspect of the character we Symmetra mains have grown to love.


but changing syms weapon to funcion as moira is also not the solution. but i agree with the rest

I seriously wonder if the people who actually think her beam is op actually stand and fight her, or fruitlessly run away. Symmetra is a gladiator and when she gets on you, you’re in her arena and you have to fight to the death. You cannot run away, unless you have mobility. So many people seriously panic and run, probably the same people who think aim is king.

Symmetra has always been the definition of the accessible hero, and when she was confirmed autistic, I know I loved her even more because this accessible hero was disabled too and how she functions exactly suits our wants and needs (her gun is fun AND it’s good for stimming.)

Taking her accessibility away hurts. I love this hero, and it’s very likely the hero I have a 100% in unlocks, a golden gun for, a 67-70% winrate, complete and total confidence in not only doing my share for the team but perhaps even being a potential carry, will become too difficult for me to not only play effectively, but perhaps at all in a competitive setting.

We’re not asking for Blizzard to make heroes like Widow accessible, or to cater every aspect of the game to disabled people. Just keep the hero we were already playing and loving disabled friendly whatever changes they do make.


Usually the problem is not that people is bad at aiming, but when you play with a increased latency vs a player with a low latency, is pretty obvious who has the advantage on a fight, and this comes true when you are trying using characters that do projectiles damage. This is the primary reason why I main characters like winston, zarya and moira.

Is really frustrating knowing you are hitting the target but it doesn’t register on the server’s end.

/rant over

Oh about the symmetra’s changes, its always good to try new things, lets see what happens with her, whatever overhaul they are doing goes live will be a good thing hopefully.

It’s a frustrating ability to play against and holds her back as a character. Soft-locks like Moira are more acceptable imo, but Symm’s lock-on is bad for the game.

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Like i said early, the people who wants the changes on symmetra don’t even play with her (Yes, we can see the profile of who comments here :slight_smile: ). Blizzard said it is the best to the players, but is not to the sym players, it’s good to the flankers that will not find a decent oposition to their high mobilty, the same reason why brigitte is making so noise. Looks like This new sym is based only on feedback of who wants play AGAINST her, not WITH her. (sorry the bad english).

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