Symmetra lock on beam is an iconic ability, pls dont remove it, we can balance this!

Blizzard does not do balance… they do “throw everything to the wind and see where it lands”…

If you want sym to be easy to aim and honestly op in her effective range then she will be forever regulated to being trash tier. Don’t complain about not being viable. Don’t complain about being reported for throwing. Don’t complain about not being able to climb. You want an easy hero to play well enjoy the bottom of the barrel because with her current gun she can’t be good without being cheap. Imagine if current sym was actually a good hero to play against players who weren’t terrible. Her gun would get nerfed anyway because a death ray that you don’t have to aim and can do like 150 dps is stupid. Even at 8m range. The reason she isn’t meta is because the rest of her kit is so bad. Now they are improving her kit. She can’t have the improved kit and the auto lock death ray. I’m glad to see the auto lock go in the name of progress. As someone who has played sym since launch and learned overwatch maining sym I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on her new kit. The possibilities of her new teleport alone gets me excited. And I can deploy turrets from range too? M2 is a pharah rocket? Sorry but I’m not passing up on all this goodness so i can continue to kill people with my eyes closed :man_shrugging:t5:

I don’t. I think she is very viable currently, thank you.

I will complain about that because that is not something the report system was build to do. This is relegated to the SR system. If I’m terrible with her, I’ll be stuck in bronze forever. If I’m not, I’m doing as well as everyone else at my rank, and that is not a reportable offense.

You know, like the dev team have said. Repeatedly. Over and over again.

I climbed 700 SR since I turned off voice/text chat at season 6, and stopped being social pressured into switching for a less effective hero.

The reason she isn’t meta is because pros don’t play her. And pros don’t play her because the pro environment have coordination and communication, two things that are severely lacking in ladder.

Symmetra thrives in uncoordinated scenarios, and that’s why she is viable in ladder.

I’m honestly glad that you are able to recognize Symmetra in the proposed new kit. To me, it will always be Sanjay if they change all aspects of Symmetra’s kit like that.

Sanjay might be a fun hero, and I agree that he looks like having some interesting gameplay features, but he will not be Symmetra.

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I agree. I remember Jeff said that Symmetra is designed to be a situational hero. But players are of course much more creative than they expected. Some people made it to GM with the current Symmetra. And a lot of people hate them for that.

I see the Symmetra rework as turning her into a complete different hero. For OWL, I would like her to be picked once in a while and for the non-pro players, all I want is for her to be a bit more viable so that teammates don’t have to report every Symmetra main just because they saw a video on Youtube that says Symmetra doesn’t work on attack. These changes are to say that they don’t want her to be situational anymore. They want her to be a dps Zarya. But you don’t fix a water pipe by building a new house. There’s nothing wrong with Symmetra’s design. Even just a minor buff, like giving her turrets 30 health, can change a lot.

To reply to Geoff with her voiceline: What interesting ways your mind works! I don’t think so.


The main problem I have with Symmetra losing her lock-on is that it’s a counter ability to Tracer and Genji being taken away. Mobility heroes need more counters right now, not less.

That said, its barrier-breaker passive is a neat effect and I look forward to testing it out. Hopefully poor Reinhardt gets a buff or two soon to make up for the anti-barrier power creep around him…

Symmetra has had at least half a dozen nerfs since release.

But sure, let’s completely ignore this and blame her F tier status on her gun instead.

If the devs wanted Sym to succeed, all they had to do was stop nerfing her. But they haven’t. Hence the state we are in.

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Yeah pretty much, you ignore she has turrets that can lock on to different people that’s kinda aoe damage, not to mention her orb goes through multiple people. you were trying to say its not okay to be like another hero when she is already, brigette is mini rien with better abilities, you seriously think they are going to care because shes “close to another heros kit?”

I made a post myself about this same topic, however mine was due to my eyesight disability. I wear glasses however my right eye doesnt work and is extremely blurry and cant fix it without surgery. My left eye works a little however the blurry effect has gotten worse over the years, even with glasses, what i loved about symmetra is the lock on attack, it allowed me to track targets easily and not have to worry about “aiming”. i am a good player but if i had to play another hero that required aim/tracking(even moira/winston require tracking) my rank will be severely crippled. currently im mid-high plat and i know callouts, what heroes counter who, when to use what abilities and why to use them, but only reason im not bronze is i dont have to “aim and track” my target as symmetra which is impossible for me to do with every hero except mercy.

I personally love all the changes except the lock on M1 change due to the reason of my ability to track and properly aim at heroes. Seeing 2 genjis and not sure which one to attack is pretty bad for aiming, but as symmetra i just look that way and the game fixes it for me, i can then track where the player is going due to the bright blue beam curve. i know im 1 player of millions and my problems shouldnt effect others, but sadly this change hurts me alot in terms of what heroes i can play effectively.

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The cringe in this thread. Learn to play a first person shooter holy crap. “DONT REMOVE MY AUTO AIM OR ILL PICK SYM AND ACTUALLY THROW EVERYGAME.”

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I for one know how to play fps, for the most part i only play fps and used to be really good with aiming, but as i said in my previous post, my eyesight has become progressively worse. i know thats just me out of millions of players, but there is a percentage of the community that is like me or has very little mechanical skills in “aim” but are great every where else. Overwatch has always been a game for everyone and thats what makes this game so great. it has heroes for players who lack those mechanical skills of “aiming”, sadly taking one away lowers the choices of heroes those types of players can choose.

i also like every change expect like the new ult its looks OP at first sight but honestly you can just walk threw it


well everything is subject to change, i am actually kinda interested to see how useful it can be for a symmetra and how exactly will it work. they said it could be infinitely long, but will it go through walls? or will it take walls into effect, so you could say for example place a 5000hp shield blocking a door, but where the shield touches the wall is where it stops.

overwatch is not a traditional first person shooter its a team based hero centered game and removing fun and interesting abilities isnt gonna help

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How is auto lock on a 1. interesting ability or 2. fun

when you look at the current game every hero has aunique weapon every weapon works vastly different. and symmetra has a very interesting and intendifiable weapon, its liked to lore and everything. just because you get lasered to death because your out of position does not mean its not a fun ability

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I love melting a unsuspecting players or a genji who mistakenly dashed right at me.

yes, i also love bashing 200-250 hp heros with rein’s hammer. :wink:

mindlessly swining your hammer is ok but syms leftclick is unfair… ok my bad

when rein is swinging he isnt shielding his team, theres more thought that goes into playing rein in every single part of comp than sym. put this turret here put this turret there and left click oh my team is dead because im not a real support character. its ok though i got the cheeky pick on some dps somewhere!

i guess your playing in bronze then because thats a typically situation there