Symmetra lock on beam is an iconic ability, pls dont remove it, we can balance this!

Yes, I am aware that Blizzard won’t keep Symmetra’s primary fire for this reason. I don’t agree with it, but as you can tell by this forum: Most people don’t agree with a lot of what Blizzard does, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good for the game as a whole.

But look at what I was responding to. The whole learning to aim or “getting good” thing should not be applied to certain situations, specifically in situations where a person may not be physically able to “learn to aim”.

This is more than just pulling a social justice card or being too sensitive. It’s just being a decent person and thinking about people besides ourselves.


I agree with everything you are saying here.

Edit: Whoops quoted myself by accident. Fixed it now.

Too late. It’s being removed. We can’t stop it.

why is everyone accusing me of speaking about disabled people for selfish reasons. i talked a lot about other things and on the side i menstioned disability to enhance my argument. this post is not 100% about disabled people

Because mentioning(if it’s not you/your reason for wanting it to stay) makes it sound like you’re using people with disabilities to prop up your argument.

I’m all for debating keeping/changing stuff, but I don’t feel that’s a good way to do it.

I mean she was pretty much a higher dps version of Winston with no leap before but that wasn’t an issue.

I honestly have very few issues with Symm and her lock on beam. The only time it becomes an issue for me is when the player has a lot of time on her. They just need to make it act sort of like Moira’s secondary.
That’s just me though. It seems like the community is a bit divided on this whole topic.

Scatter is more iconic and it’s getting removed. Next.

theres alot of people who are disabled and just cant move their arms that much, they might play with a controller cuz of it, they might also have bad computers/no time to actually “get good”

So, if a melee hero with no mobility options gets close enough and stick a very loud weapon at you for three seconds, its unfair. But if a giant smurfette snipe you from a mile away, its your fault for getting into her sights.

Most heroes have a faster TTK than Symmetra. Reinhardt kill you at about the same time it takes Symmetra to delete people with an uncharged beam. And if she is already charged… well, you should have killed her three seconds ago. Thanks for not listening when your backline called for a peel.

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winston has no ramp up and has a lower range but has AOE.
Symmetra has single target beam that has higherrange and lock on even further and has ramp up.
still the same?

I completely agree. Keep my trash beam that is on live, and don’t try to buff it. Because I can already see tracking gods picking Sanjay, and he being nerfed within a week because “the damage is too good”.

It’s basically the whole Mercy situation again, where they implement a change no one asked for, and then give it successive nerfs to bring it back in line, and leave the hero at the same place as before, but with less fun mechanics.

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I think I’ll just quote this reddit user, because they spoke on this regard better than me:

I think wheelchair accessible ramps are a good way to explain why I disagree with many people in this thread.
Imagine a building with stairs leading to the door, and next to it, a wheelchair accessible ramp with a few switchbacks. Inside is a free party, with great pizza.

Anyone can use the ramp to get in. Most people can go up stairs and don’t need to use the ramp. Some people (a small number) cannot use the stairs. The ramps take a little bit of time and money to build, but on the whole, they don’t hurt anyone, and for the people they do help, they can make a huge difference.
For some people, it now feels like people have complained that it takes longer to walk up a ramp, because it wraps around, than it does to just go up the stairs. They can still walk up the stairs, but they want to be able to use the ramp in the same exact way. So, it can still be a ramp, but it needs to be a sharp incline that doesn’t have a switchback.
OP, in my understanding, isn’t demanding that all stairs be made into ramps. OP isn’t even demanding that this one ramp be left alone. OP is just sad that he probably won’t be able to get into the building when the ramp gets turned into stairs or a super-steep ramp. And I, for one, agree that we should probably be sad when not everyone can get into the party, especially because we took away the ramp that was already there.


Overwatch needs its Symmetra to appear in Overwatch League and for that they are willing to give up anything fun about the current Sym. She needs to be Meta. Not easy to play. Overwatch League means $$$ but I doubt if Blizzard would even acknowledge these “disabled gamers” that you talked about.

I’ve played way too much Symmetra. There are so many Sym mains. I don’t care about my rank and I don’t care about people who accuse me of throwing the game even when I’m trying with Symmetra. But she is SO DAMN FUN to play because you never have to worry about aiming. Well, now that’s gonna change. Overwatch League wants her to have a skill cap. But honestly, if they want all these changes Geoff mentioned to go live, they might as well release a new hero because nothing about it sound like symmetra anymore.

Good aim/tracking can give you pleasure. That’s true. But that’s not why Overwatch is fun.


I’ve always thought that as it’s damage ramped up that it should consume ammo a little faster.

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I disagree. To me her turrets are the iconic part of her kit.

I think this applies to more than just disabled players. I, for one, like to enjoy the voicelines, the maps, the sprays, the memes and the environmental kills. It doesn’t really have to be all that competitive. I just wanna have fun. Not everyone is willing to practice aiming skills so they can have super smooth tracking like the pros. Don’t ruin Sym. Blizzard.


usually chaning 1 ability is not completly revamping a hero but changing a weapon that you use the majority of your playtime is different

Ok and I as a sym main have been asking for a new weapon since launch. I’m glad they are putting skill into her gun. I’m glad they listened.

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I see that quote as, that option already exists, there is a subset of players that enjoy that option, and if the professional players don’t use that option, they already have other 26 heroes to pick, while there is no equivalent in the roster to what Symmetra brings to the game.

Unless Blizzard’s goal in the long term is for every single hero to have an equal pickrate in OWL (which is unrealistic), there is no big problem some of them having ~30% pick rate, and some having close to 0% pickrate.

( at 90% is a problem, but I digress)