Symmetra in overwatch

Syms rework was very heavy handed on the remove aspect of the whole thing. She lost 4 things that can’t be found anywhere else in the game. Luckily we kept ramp up. The only thing that couldn’t be done on old sym was gain ammo on shield even though that’s just a gimmick to get to level 3 charge

To strats are cool that was just 2.0s gimmick and having it on an ability just makes sym a much more gimmicky character

To give them them a little credit the turret change was nice

I do this not to avoid anything but because it cuts through the overly verbose responses and gets to the core of the matter.

Nope, I have addressed it directly. Much of her playstyle has changed. However, at the same time much of her core mechanics have remained. Can you do EVERYTHING old sym could do?

Nope, never claimed she could. Once again, my dispute is with your claims that she does none of what she could. This is a falsehood. A clear misconception on your part or at the very least an oversight.

I get that you are upset that she does not play EXACTLY like she use to but to turn around and claim she is NOTHING like she was is equally disingenuous.

When I get home I’ll be glad to pull all the materials on their reasoning. One of which was her state of health.

I can agree with you, thank you for actually presenting well thought information

It’s only been a 3rd of this games shelf life since her rework. People still haven’t learned how to use her. /s


This update? Or are you talking about specific posts outside of the major one?

Even her ult has a cast time :sob: like rein can put up his normal barrier faster than symm

Specific posts and video’s.

2.0 fixed her terrible ult (shield gen was better in 90% of scenarios) but didn’t fix the issues that dragged the character down more

she was also a “win more” hero by design of passive support ultimates


Then you agree? ~shrugs~

No. I’m waiting for your list. Because I’ve never seen them


So upon reading the post you made it actually quite clearly states their reasoning which is further supported by their official patch notes when it finally went live.

It states that their goal is to move her to the damage role to make her" more flexible and viable across more areas of the game than she was previously.

The action was to move her to damage. It was not the goal. The goal was to make her more viable in more situations. This has worked as planned.

The reason they wanted to move her further out of her previous niche was due to the unhealthy impact she was having on the game. The Dev team recognized that people loved playing her and did not want to discourage that. The only alternative was to increase her viability.

This has been accomplished. No other posts are really needed.

Where I pulled the quote from:

yeah that’s your own interpretation. But what they said was “more viable.”
not unhealthy. not that she was playing poorly, nor that her kit was bad.
More flexible and viable?
but she wasnt unhealthy. she just didnt fit the new direction of the game.
thats not the same

Yes, I would argue that something being unviable at a disproportionate comparison to other niche hero’s an unhealthy situation. I would also argue that if they did NOT think it was unhealthy they most likely would not have touched her at all.

It is safe to assume they were not at all happy with her state and viewed it as unhealthy for the game.

Making her higher skill at the cost of a better ult, better utility and better turrets?

Yep don’t forget to mention that 2.0 had no additional balance changes to help her. 3.0 came out without a single thing changing on 2.0.


before sym was moira on steroids that couldnt heal but for some reason was in the support category

Sym2 also won a map in Contenders before they removed her for Sym3.

So, we should as well delete Ashe and revamp her whole kit from scratch, because she has also seen 0 play from OWL thus far.

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This is not true. Thus where we see other reworks and changes to many heroes including widowmaker and DVA
They fixed the core issue of these heroes, to make them less niche, and more universally applicable. Not that they were “unhealthy”
Symm could have stayed at 1.0 and just been buffed until similarly niche but strong, but the point was to eliminate the niche. Not her overall power.
health of the game or her or her players, was irrelevant.

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