Symmetra got buffed!

It’s something! I’m just so happy she got a buff, but fix that unintentional nerf please :grin:

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Nice but why are they are giving her minuscule buffs? They could have gave her some tp or turret buffs too. Its like they have a cake and are only giving her crumbs.

Good. That was one of my complaints. If 2.0 Sym is here to stay, at least let me feel somewhat satisfied zapping people.

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I feel deja vu. But it is real right?

Yup, but nobody is also talking about the effects of the beam change on her turrets. Which, based on what I’ve seen, have also gotten a buff against armor.

So a slight nerf for beam damage against armor for the upper tiers for; All her turrets get better against armor, lowest charge better against armor, and charge up being lowered.

3.0 you mean, 2.0 was killed 8 months ago.