Symm mains, are we counting this as 3.5?

The live version of symm is 3.0. Just wondering since her to got substantially changed, beam got a good fix, and turrets slow differently (hopefully bug)

Turret slow is a bug.

Has this been confirmed?

Turrets slow isn’t a bug. It’s stated in the PTR notes that they changed how slowing effects work. That means that now instead of stacking, only the strongest one (in other words the one that slows you down the most) is affecting the target.

Her beam consistency mechanics got altered, her Teleporter application got altered, and the turrets are affected by this patch, and it’s still up in the air whether this is a bug or not.

Josh Noe, a developer commented on the Sentries and explained them in such a way that implied there was a misconception, but upon further inspection, he seemed to misunderstand what was being asked because he did not touch on the actual issue which we have footage evidence of.

At the moment, it cannot be decided one way or another if they are bugged.

But yes, I think it’s appropriate to say this is Sym 3.5, although those kinds of titles are kind of “whatever” to me. Symmetra is Symmetra, and her abilities are still getting iterated upon

Technically it was a bug fix that also affected other beam heroes.

The only actual change that has been directly made to her.

As I said, this is not a bug. The PTR patch notes, clearly state that only the slowest slowing effect, whether it be friendly or enemy, will be applied onto the target. That means that Sym turrets are no exception to this, and the slow effect can’t stack like it used to, making her turrets weaker in that regard.

Dev literally stated today they should stack. Although he worded it in a way that I don’t really know anymore?

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I dont know why Im getting serious deja vu from this conversation, but I totally am?

Josh Noe said that the turrets still stack
Footage shows they do not

This means the devs are unaware of this at the last recorded point in time, and it is up for debate whether this is a bug. You already said that and I read it, but like I said. a dev commented on the situation, and said something contradictory to the facts

One of the devs explicitly said that the turrets combined count as one source, which suggests it’s a bug.

There is a bug though.

Because turret slow is supposed to stack to 60% and on ptr, it does not. He says so himself. It would make zero sense for characters like orisa to start shooting at something and regaining speed to only -30% movement speed when 3x turrets are firing at her for -60% movement speed, if turret movement speed is supposed to stack and be applied if it’s higher than friendly target’s own movement slow.

Currently maximum slow you can apply from outside influence is capped to -20%. Same reason why mei’s blizzard is suddenly ineffective, lucio can just speed boost them out because slows are being incorrectly applied due to this change.


No because the tp changes won’t go through :grinning:

Oh you sweet, sweet summer child…

PTR changes are basically finalised when they appear on ptr. Don’t have any hopes for symmetra to be fixed anytime soon.

Nope they aren’t going through :grinning:

This is just not true often we’ve seen many things hit PTR and get changed. McCree’s recoil time was altered when it went live iirc.

I count it as 4.0. I do not care what Symmetra mains say.

IIRC there have been very few occasions where they tweaked a change on the PTR before the changes went live, such as when they reworked D.Va, they nerfed the Micro Missiles’ total damage before the rework even went live.
The other thing being a revert to Lucio’s wallriding speed nerf, which also happened before this nerf even went live to begin with.

It doesn’t happen often, but could still happen.

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This is symmetra we’re talking about and the person responsible for the teleport changes quipped on this very forum that the reason they changed teleport cooldown to being this atrocious is because infinite teleport felt too oppressive to them. So I have zero hopes for teleport to get changed for the better, because symmetra has never been changed to favour the symmetra players themselves, no matter how much we begged for 2.0 to be changed only to be hit with a rework and a slap to the disabled community face. Changes are made for the players who play against symmetra and pro players naturally.

Then they decided that symm as a dps was too oppressive to them and slowed her back down to 2.0 levels, because they can’t handle turret bombing in the dev team apparently. They can prove me wrong ofc, but I’ve long since been on the cynical side whenever it comes down to balance changes on my most played heroes, since they seem to just utterly despise them for reason or another. Infamous quotes of “just follow the riptires” spring to mind.


Majority of people disagree with the changes and Blizzards response is to keep the changes.

These changes are not for Symmetra players, These changes are for OWL spectators.

With infinite teleporter people can spectate the faster heroes zipping around the map and using the teleporter while Symmetra is worse than she was before.

I am guessing the turret bug will go live and not be fixed for 6+ months too because Blizzard care so damn much about their heroes.

Symmetra used in OWL is possibly the biggest joke of the year. Unfortunately the joke became far too real with the rework.

I don’t know why they try to force her to be a teamwide taxi. Team taxi that lucio already does better doesn’t replace an actual dps.

Like, imagine replacing OWL level widowmaker with a symm. :rofl:

It might be the typical mess up of not paying close attention to the code you wrote and how it would affect your program.

All they have to do is to make the turrets count as 1 force as far as the slowing effects are concerned.

Idk how the code of the game exactly looks like, but either way it should be something like this in order to fix it:

if(EntityExists(Symmetra.SentryTurret()) == true) //checks if a Sym Sentry Turret exists on the map
if(IsOnSurface(Symmetra.SentryTurret()) == true && AmountOfPlacedTurrets < 3 && AmountOfPlacedTurrets >= 0) //checks if the amount of placed turrets is within the limit
Symmetra.SlowEffect(+0.2); //adds 20% to Sym’s turrets’ slowing effect whenever a new turret is deployed.
insert destruction of a placed turret whenever a new one hits a surface code
double slowest = Math.Max(Symmetra.SlowEffect(), insert a slow effect value of a different hero) //finds which slowing effect is making the player the slowest and puts that value in variable “slowest”

if(IsBeingSlowed(EventPlayer) == true)

Hope this poorly written piece of code helps you understand how the fix within the code itself would be if it happens to be a bug. Sorry for it being a pretty lame code, but I don’t have enough insight of the game’s actual code to offer a proper fix.
I don’t have the idea of how to make it detect when all turrets are hitting the same player in my mind quite yet, so we’ll have to work with the piece of code we got here.