Symm first impresssion

Less than 2 hours on the PTR and already there’s uninformed players saying the rework is useless. Overwatch community in a nutshell.


New Symmetra is a teleport bot. and has value as a Team player. NOT 1v1.

I think that is pretty much her primary strength right now is to help her team mates, who suffer from limited mobility (i.e. Ana, Bastion, McCree etc.), get up to high ground quickly.

It’s PTR so the teleporter is bound to be a little buggy/clunky.

Her alt-fire can be spammed down hallways for chip damage. But it is too slow to charge for high burst damage.

People can’t complain about her primary fire being “no-aim” anymore.

Her turrets. Yah, good for a distraction and and to draw out/confirm that enemy Junkrat or Reaper hiding around a corner. Combined with the teleporter, she can get really creative with their placement.

Super Barrier. With double Sniper being popular as it is, I can see this as an essential ultimate to allow a team to push when they are pinned down by enemy snipers who play it safe (far back from the action, picking your team off before you get to the objective) Even if it only last for 15 seconds, that’s a lot of time in this game. On the other side of the coin, Symmetra can throw up a giant barrier to protect her team snipers from enemy snipers if they happen to be a little better than them.


lmao maybe you need to stop trying to play her the way you were with her old kit

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I’m feeling the same on first impression. I don’t see how this primary is going to work, especially without PB.

I do think the turrets are going to be great, will just need to adjust.

The Ult will definitely need a lot of practice (and testing!)

Also… I use a controller and currently NO button on controller will activate teleporter. I’m certain this will be fixed before Live but my current ability to test teleporting myself will be extremely limited; I will have to bind to spacebar on my keyboard and drop a hand from the controller. No mid-combat teleporting myself… Far from ideal.

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lmao I am not playing her the way the old kit was like since that’s gone on the ptr. She’s Zarya controls, but worst. I mean sure if you like it kudos to you, but she’s not climbing.

yup overwatch community for you lol

That is correct. Current PTR uses Acknowledge/Activate to go through the teleporter. Default key for M+KB is F. However no button on the controller will work for the teleporter (PTR bug, will be addressed).

This element is being hotly discussed in PTR feedback and I feel it will likely be tweaked before going live.

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This “rework” needs to be tweaked…

I really only have problems with her secondary fire and primary fire.

Explosive damage wasn’t necessary for her secondary fire, the speed and faster charge was all that was needed. Not being able to charge it and send it through enemy barriers hurts a LOT.

Her primary is even WORSE than before imo. The damage ramp up time with 10m range is just horrible. Buff one of them. either a 15m range on her primary or revert the ramp up time back to 1 second. I don’t know why they thought that 2 seconds would balance it out, the auto lock-on removal balances it out considering you actually need to aim now.

Sentries being destroyed during deployment also needs to go tbh.

Her ultimate and teleporter are great though. Her ultimate is a nice way to block off many spots the enemy team could split up to try and make potential picks or ruin sight lines for high ground enemies. Plus it’s a massive counter to ultimates like Tactical Visor, Deadeye, Self-Destruct, Earthshatter, Graviton Surge, and even ultimates like Transcendence or Sound Barrier. I really like her new ultimate.

As for TP, the only problem I have is that you have to bind a key just to use it, and it’s a key not many players are going to have binded or know what key they binded it to right off the bat. I feel like just using the TP automatically is fine, it especially helps in Grav combos if it just teleports your teammates automatically. Other than that it’s such a great tool to have for getting your team to take flanking routes and routes they couldn’t normally get to.


I can’t find any game play footage yet of someone actually playing her in PTR. I am really on edge because I feel like I wasted 3k Competitive points. Sym was the last gold weapon I bought and if she’s really this bad I can’t see myself playing her anymore. Photon barrier was an excellent ability to allow you to get close to other DPS or save yourself and other players from a D.Va ult.


Multiple odd design decisions.
She literally has no protection and no mobility now.

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Teleporter provides both.


Exactly, making it a horrible ultimate isn’t going to help her.


That ult… The only thing I can think of is that Blizzard is making more flying characters, and this is supposed to counter than?

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Lol, no they can just fly through it.

You didn’t bother to try out anything, did you.

You don’t need to send it through barriers when her primary now fuels off them and still ramps up with them.

“she has no protections”

Dude, did you miss the 15 second TELEPORTER she can now use?


So she is more of a support hero that before, mislabeled as a damage hero.

This is truly a crapshow isnt it.


But she can place her bloody teleporter anywhere and can throw turrets- GRRRGGH!

I’ve never seen such horrific knee-jerk reactions from this community since… well, since the addition of Sombra.


I did try it out.

The issue is, her secondary allowed her to gain ult charge from a safe distance and pressure enemies behind barriers, which now only Winston can do with a weak 60dps at melee range.

Her primary fire is great for barrier busting, if you like to stand close to the barrier and make yourself prone to getting stunned or picked off easily bc well… no more photon barrier as a standard ability.