Symettra can teleport Torbjorn Turrets

I had no idea that this was possible, until I accidentally did it last night, but oh the possibilities. Just think, the next time your Torbjorn decides to throw and build a turret in a room, you can actually place it somewhere useful!


She can tele Torbs turrets, Her own turrets, Reins can tele DURING charge.

She can put one on the bastion, so when people jump him, he just blinks out.

She can put a tele behind the enemy team, opening up flanking (and a way to Rein to appear behind the team, and charge BACK TO safety, taking one of the enemy team with them)

It is crazy good.

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That feature was literally in the rework post posted by devs few months ago


Well I don’t read those things, so thank you for posting it!

Also sentry Bastion, D.Va’s ult, Junkrat’s ult and so on.
Symmetra’s possibilities are vast, but usually require teamwork, which is a big reason on why people underestimate her so much.

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Yes, bro. Symm’s teleportation portals can do that and even get out of Grav if timed right (very difficult but it can).

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Ignorance at it’s best :

BTW is CptZoom your roommate?

I am highly annoyed when syms move my turret. It’s MY baby.


What are you talking about? Quit harassing me dude.

Interesting response, to a question that’s not hostile at all. Thank you for the confirmation Noobnoob.

A few days ago I (Sym mostly onetrick) played with a Torb one-trick on Lunar Colony.
Our team just rushed through the main chokepoint into the enemy and got killed. The Torb and I went into the little chokepoint on the right and I ported Torb Turret+Sym Turrets straight on the point. Molten Core + a few good Orbs and we got a Teamkill + Point.

So: If you find a Torb that works with you you can get out of Elo-Hell. (Plat and below) But that stragey will be removed in a few days with Torbs rework.

I still have a comp potg saved where I tele’d a molten core that killed a Bastion, Doomfist, and assisted in my Widow kill.

I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to you and I have no idea who you are, could you just chillax? You need to get some hobbies.