Sym’s real damage numbers finally revealed

Symmetra’s damage is officially 65/130/195. Not that we had anyway of knowing, despite numerous threads since her rework eight months ago with the numbers being banded about the Devs had no idea. Why. Because we have been ignored.

If there was a time to be gagged it’s now. I’m gagged. We’ve been led to believe she did 60/120/180. How can you be THIS incompetent?

Wilful ignorance.


I mean, you had 8 months

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The devs not telling us the truth? Not surprised…


It’s not so much that, it’s the sad fact that every single sizeable Symmetra thread (100+ replies) cited the 60/120/180 and it took 8 months before one was read and corrected, and it wasn’t even for Sym exclusively.

It means that for 8 months not a single dev read a single Sym thread.

Think about how that makes us feel.


Or, think about this: they don’t want to give out numbers because they don’t want people to exploit the numbers or mechanics of the game in some way. And those numbers can change. Nothing in this game is set in stone.

Also, just because it took them 8 months to give you a tiny piece of information when they’re working on other stuff is not bad for a company. It takes some companies years to release games that appear only a quarter finished coughAnthemcough.

Chillax. Symmetra is fun to play now and not a 1v6 team wrecker like she never should have been.

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She never was a 1v6 team wrecker. Not outside of bronze anyway.

Knowing damage numbers is not exploitable by any means. How can it be? How can you think that’s a thing? They didn’t not give us numbers, they gave us wrong ones. Other heroes get numbers all the time. This is unheard of.

And why does your post presuppose I want a revert? Why is so much wrong with your post?


Exploit what? No seriously, give me one way that knowing the actual damage your character is doing can be exploited? Doubly so, give me a reason Symmetra should be different in this regard because litterally every single hero in this game has the damn near full spreadsheet of stats readily available to the public.

This is how it has been since launch, this is how pretty much any hero based game of any kind does things. So what kind of exploits are we talking here?


Because you’re reading into it.

I said that she’s fine where she is, meaning she doesn’t need more changes, reverts, buffs or changes. In fact, she could be ignored entirely and it wouldn’t affect the people I know who play her. They have fun with her, find it a challenge to learn a new way of playing her so her gameplay doesn’t get stale.

What seems to be happening is that, they made a change for Symmetra, but the focus is instead of how for 8 months they neglected to correct what the damage output for Symmetra was. That screams entitlement to me, and that any change they make (whether a nerf/buff, indirect or not) is never going to make any of the Symmetra players happy. They are just going to gripe all the time about every change, or say it was the wrong one.

I’m a McCree main, and while I thought the FtH change was unnecessary, I thought about how the squishies suffer and the tanks will suffer more under it. They made him temporarily viable to sustain against heroes who would wreck him nonstop, and gave him at least a bit of a chance. It isn’t my fault people got used to playing him as McRightClick and now have to learn to actually aim.

The Deadeye buff was a good compensation for me to the nerf for FtH when he was just getting good.

And again, these are in my games, at my rank (I play on PS4 and PC, but I don’t like sharing my profile since I tend to play with friends and like to have fun). In even gold Symmetra 2.0 was doing some serious damage, and people mostly play in that rank anyway.

if you read what I actually said, I mentioned numbers or mechanics. It was not specific to Symmetra’s damage numbers. It was overall, they don’t tell you everything because they don’t want you gaming the system. Same reason they don’t reveal the full stats regarding MMR and SR and how they work; what kinds of stats they look for below Diamond to determine how much SR you gain/lose. There are plenty of things they don’t want us doing because it games the system, and it’s not fun for people who are honest and don’t.

Also, who gaf if they made a mistake in the numbers? Who gaf if they aren’t on here everyday reading every single Symmetra thread? You know they only have a finite amount of time in a day, families and kids, and other shiz to do with their lives? Hell, I’m surprised they even see the feedback on Youtube, which is where most of the thoughts are well laid out (because recording a video) and heard.

You want to separate yourself from the whining drabble of the OW forums, go to Youtube.

If you put out a hero the community have good faith that what you’re telling them is true. However, when something doesn’t add up and the collective hive mind call for answers for MONTHS and nothing is said, that’s the issue here.

Something that could have been fixed months ago.

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Or, they didn’t want to give those numbers and then put this new armor change down the pipeline and fudge those numbers.

People can’t honestly believe that having the numbers right away is going to make things okay for a hero. They would focus too much on the numbers, and less on how it feels to play the hero. And then if the numbers change, all their previous posts/threads/data/arguments are thrown out the window because now the hero has different damage.

Honestly, I’ve said what I needed to say, and I know what my opinion on the hive mind is. So, I’m done with this conversation and, even more so, this thread entirely.

Your logic is taking massive jumps.

Just simply explain how knowing a damage value could ever result in gaming the system. Answer this one question since you brought up such an outrageous claim. Defend it.

And entitlement? Making a change? What are you on about?


We’ve been citing a value that was never true. It wasn’t “changed” it was an error.

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They should have been checked and double checked at the start.

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And the guy realizes that he’s ultra wrong and can’t defend it so does the classic “I’m done with this thread.”



Stop trying to lick Blizzs a$$e$. It doesnt suit you. You dont do it well.

This is such a weird statement.

We have always known exact numbers for each hero, be it for damage, damage reduction, heals per second and everything else. Every wiki is constantly updated with minuscule details about what’s the damage of every single pellet, bullet, projectile and beam. All patch notes tell us exact numbers and percentages (and are quickly corrected if a mistake is made).

Knowing exact numbers isn’t exploitative in any way, shape or form. It’s 100% necessary that players know exact numbers in a video game, in order for us to be able to understand what we have to do in order to achieve a goal in said video game. Any confusion should be cleared as soon as possible, especially if it’s a mistake on the developer’s part.


People have tested this month’s ago but no one believed them.
Like this dude: They buffed Symmetra’s primary fire...for real
Even though he thought it was a stealth buff he found the actual numbers.

stealth buff to tickrate, actual numbers just easier to feel

PLEASE make a this comment it’s own thread

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Lol, why? So they can ignore that too?

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