Sym rework for the players who dont play sym and not the actual sym mains

Except it’s Zarya beam

Works completley different

A completely different one


Im yet to see how any of this effects her negatively. Id be happily rid of lock-on tethers if it means an overall more useful kit. She was always more situational- but hopefully this will change her role for the better. Arent you guys sick of being told to switch or accused of throwing?

And any clue about when we will be able to play with her on ptr?

I have to play Zarya to play the new sym, that never happen to any other hero that happen to have a rework
i dont like aiming for many reasons and now i have to aim, that changed me:
-I hate Genji and Tracer even more
-I dont feel her damage is enough against shields, i think she should deal 2x or 3x damage against barrier and also regen shield on hp bar. Because the Defense hero has the capacity to fight Winston 1v1 while sym still cant
-the new sym will consist people that play Zarya, Tracer, Sombra, Moira… basically heroes that require good tracking, or even non since he is not that much improved
-she is still a squishy hero with lack of damage and need time to build up, the current speed flow of the game doesnt favor heroes that need set up time
-Fyi you need at least 62% weapon accuracy to deal as much damage as the old lock on beam, also you need to survive + charging your beam 2s longer while having no surviability

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Yeah, but this excuse could allow her to just be deleted entirely and replaced with a McCree clone anyway.

The dev team basically said “Whatever” and started over, rather than thinking “What can we do to make -this- concept work?”.

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I made a list.

Exactly this. She still has all the things that make her what she is, they are just changed. We don’t know how they will play out but I think for the most part she will still feel like Symmetra.

Yes, some people are way extra with the theatrics over this rework.

Passive heroes allow for more planning and slow-paced strategy. We’ve come to the point of opinion. I’d prefer if there were more diverse options for heroes, and that not just all heroes are fast-paced, strategic or not. I think it would make the game unique and enhance the experience overall.

i mean
i disagree

i’m a Symmetra main
and i don’t understand why people are saying she’s being “gutted”

the only thing being “gutted” is her orbs

literally the ONLY problem i have with this rework, are the orbs

her orbs going through barriers are incredible and unique to her

are her new orbs strong?
yes, but that doesn’t mean they should be, if they were originally utility-based

her beam is already going to be used for barrier destruction, her orbs should be barrier ignoring, not just blowing up on them

most people freaking out about the lock on beam don’t have a valid excuse to call it “gutted”, it’s unfortunate that you’d have to track a little better now, including people who had problems aiming
which i understand is a valid explanation for SOME people who have physical/medical issues and would prefer playing heroes that are accessible to them

BUT, the beam increasing in thickness should mean it still maintains its easy to hit capability, while also having improved damage means she’d be able to compete better on a higher scale, along with being able to cater to those who can’t aim as much: more damage per tick, means less time spent needing to target someone

she’s keeping her turrets, that part of her “kit” is there, and they’ll be more useful in combat rather than being annoying pre-combat set ups that blow up if sneezed on, there’s no way that’s being “gutted”, that’s a direct buff, i dunno how one could argue this, yes you lose 3 more placements of map awareness/choke suppression, but, really? they’re… they’re getting buffed

i myself enjoyed having 6 turrets, but 3 stronger turrets is still a welcomed change

her teleporter and shield generator, while powerful, are too easily destroyed by any competent player, these are flawed mechanics from the ground up in a game like this

the teleporter is why she seems more like a support role, supports would allow their allies to sustain a prolonged fight longer, offering utility in different mechanics rather than damage or healing, but it still functioned poorly when someone just… looked at the Symmetra

the shield generator also solidified her place in the support role, but, as many, many people continue to argue, she’s not enough of a “healer”, because she can’t sustain a group

(i’m one of the Symmetra mains who would prefer Symmetra to ramain support, and have her kit revolve around sustaining the team like a healer could, but not by healing, unfortunately, they disagree, and yes, i am disappointed that this probably means no more support non-healers, and they gave that idea up by changing Symmetra to defense)

if her shield generator can’t sustain a group enough to be useful as an off-healer, then it’s not a support, it’s just “there”

and, honestly, as much as i love running around as Symmetra with torb/brig armor and my shield gen, i can still be Symmetra with torb/brig armor

do i like their idea of new teleporter on E?
maybe, we’ll have to see how it functions in combat, if it explodes in a zarya ult when i try to help my team out, then it’s pretty dumb, etc

do i like the new idea of the ult?
not entirely, i feel like, as any other person, it’s going to blow up just like reinhardt’s shield, especially since it’ll be able to be destroyed from the safety behind corners

we still have to see how it’ll really function, however, to think it’s that big of a deal that people can shoot it “anywhere”

all in all, people should wait, the proposed ideas seem like she’ll be in a much better spot, if she’s not, we can complain then, but calling it out right “gutted” is a misuse of the word, that would mean they’re stripping her of who she is, and who she is would be a hero that tries to defend and give support from the sidelines, while still being a threat up close if people carelessly push into her


This is a good point but… would it kill you to use proper capitalization?

The data we have don’t support that claim. Both her pick rate and winrate is pretty much the same across all ranks. If she was more powerful at specific tiers, one of those two stats would be skewed at those ranks.

Eg, Bastion pick rate in Bronze is three times his average pick rate. Widow pickrate sharply increases at Diamond and above.

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Symmetra is the Sass Queen™ of the game. You want her players to not be dramatic?! :joy:


Do you want to get banned for ruining multiple other peoples games, get grief and avoided into 75395783 hour queues?


Do you want a rework?


To play her only on certain points or certain maps?

Cause as it stands, you get one.

In her current state, when people want to use her all the time is like saying 'this is my favorite screwdriver I am going to hammer nails with it" then wondering why your boss fires you and laughs, or saying “This is my favorite paring knife I am going to chop the onions with it when it’s only good for peeling the onions and wondering why everyone is laughing at you.”… … … … … …

Id like if they give her 2 guns (similar to torb and mercy) with shared ammo one would be the new zarya like gun and the other the regular lock on beam

You can change a lot about Sym through raw numbers alone.

Can you provide some examples without making her OP?

You can’t touch her dps though. Because making her do more damage at the cost of no skill doesn’t work. The community would be infuriated.

Same can be said of Widowmaker, Genji, Tracer, Ana, Doomfist, Sombra…

That contradicts what Jeff told us a few months ago. He specifically said that they expect Symmetra to be niche, she don’t need major buffs, and even if they buff her, she will not have a pick rate much larger than what she currently have.

We were kinda expecting the TP changes, and everyone was ok with the turret changes (albeit with some worries about the reduced turret stash) in the thread Geoff spilled the beans. You can read in that very thread how the Sym players’ reactions changed from “that sounds nice” to “that’s changing too much” as he added the proposed changes to her gun and ultimates.


You’re basically saying that the worst behaving person on your team gets to determine whether your favourite hero lives or dies.

I’m gonna try and get every Widowmaker banned for playing her, then, maybe she’ll get reworked into a DPS too!


dont play her and you’re right it is for us cause sym mains sucked as she was and nothing they could do would fix that other than making a full kit change also this makes her bearable for low ranks without the lock on since they wont just get melted. Ive left the ranks were she was a problem but dear god do i remember how it felt i would just log off after getting melted cause i would be playing someone like ana and trying so hard.