Sym primary was originally going to do 65/130/195 dps

But obviously this was considered too powerful in internal testing before the ptr…
But here’s the kicker:

Remember the tickrate bug that caused it to do way too much damage with poor accuracy? Obviously that was a thing during testing so reducing the dps was probably misguided. I see no reason it shouldn’t be beefed up to what it was originally sold as. Sym is currently a glass pistol when she should be a glass cannon.

Speaking of what we were promised, orbs were supposed to travel at 30 m/s and tp was supposed to counter grav. It doesn’t have the deployment speed nor interaction radius to do that so it should probably be buffed. And yes, it’s okay for grav to have a consistent, non - ult counter, most ults do.

I’ll post the quotes from April when I find them.


Sym doesn’t need more damage. She has 120dps in orbs when she needs burst, and additional 150dps from turrets that are “fire and forget.”

She could use tweaks to her teleporter, but stop the constant complaints about her damage. Since her recent tic rate change Sym can absolutely melt things, her damage is fine.

No its not. Her beam is short range and takes time to wind up before dealing the same potential DPS other heroes can do without windup and from range.

Turrets are fragile and easily dealt with especially at higher ranks.

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Bonus, orb was gonna do more damage too.

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Turrets are NOT fire and forget. You’re playing Symm wrong lmao

You have options though. If at range you have giant 120 damage orbs to spam, a teleporter to flank with, and throwable turrets to use. If your turrets are getting 0 value, you’re using them poorly.

Huh? How are they not? You pick a spot, then fire one off, after that it requires 0 input from you to do it’s job… which is the literal definition of the expression “fire and forget.”

Between the damage, the grav situation, etc. I’m pretty much just convinced they’re terrified of Sym being strong as anything other than a bastion taxi.

It’d probably make people mad because the paradox of Sym being op on the enemy team, useless on our team would be challenged.

Ehh… I think her damage is fine. I’d rather see a few meters extra range on her beam (it’s rather hard to get in close enough to actually damage a barrier without being super exposed currently, and that’s its main use currently), and faster regeneration of her turrets. 30 seconds for all 3 turrets is quite a long time.

I get gold damage most of my games. I don’t think damage is the problem. If anything damage wise should be changed her splash radius on orbs is kinda small imo. Sometimes I’ll be able to use splash on a hard to hit tracer or Genji but for the most part you’ll need a direct hit. Not that it’s hard since her orbs are pretty big.

TP just needs a slightly bigger radius to counter grav and maybe have it last longer or deploy faster.

Inb4ferret comes in to post something stupid n.n


Thats literally the most basic thing to ever do. Use them to farm ult charge at the start of the match. Sneak up behind and plan turret bombs and elimimate supports. Use them in 1v1s. Youre wasting her potential by simply “firing and forgetting” the turrets.

What? No.

The expression has nothing to do with strategy, turret bombs, protecting flanks, killing supports or whatever else you want to pretend it does.

I simply means once you place/throw a turret it requires 0 input from you to do it’s job. You’re still able to launch orbs, hop through a teleporter, ect. It’s not a Junk tire that needs your control. That IS what the expression means, nothing more.

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you need to be playing with your turrets unless you plan on sacrificing them. They have the ability to block off headshots and even a mccree ult, or tp with them to erase the back line

Yup, I’m constantly re-positioning them as needed to either cause a distraction and do damage from behind the enemy or to prepare defenses for where the fight is headed to next.

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I am well aware of that. It still doesn’t change what the expression means, it means no input required to control something after launch; not that you can place one down then start emoting and be fine.

Look, this is a dumb back and forth which isn’t really what the OP was about, I’m getting tired of repeating the same thing arguing semantics, and you clearly want to believe that it implies/denotes a lack of strategy. Let’s just drop it.