Sym might be getting a new skins soon

Can’t find the exact post from the actual AMA, but wymoingmist seemingly found and I thought the sym mains might be happy about this.

or maybe they’re just bluffing.


Idk I have given up on Symmetra skins because she has good stuff already and she is in a bad state so whatever. It would be cool I guess but I am not getting my hopes up to be crushed one more time

that’s exactly why I said might, its implied she is but nothing is confirmed.

Ya I know but I am not getting my hopes up that she “might” get a skin

that’s fair.

they uses the soon™ thing as well, so being a bit skeptical is warranted.

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exactly, soon doesn’t mean anything tbh. It could be anytime and they would just use “soon, soon, don’t worry, soon”

A part of me feels like it will be a OWL skin, which TBF are often god tier.

im slowly starting to think that blizzard is using the word “soon” the same way I did when I was little, which would be saying “in a very long time”

Yep I think so too. Tbh I really could care less about Symmetra at this point. She hasn’t gotten the buffs she needs, and people can’t make an argument that she doesn’t need them, she hasn’t gotten a legendary cosmetics in about 2 3/4 - 3 years, and her mains get yelled at to switch off because of the stigma of being a bad hero being associated with Symmetra. It was fun while it lasted but I main Sombra now :green_heart: