Sym Golden Glove Megathread

Baptiste arrived last week and his little backpack gadget is gold. Superb.

Ashe got a Golden BOB. Cute

Brigitte got a golden shield. Bling bling

Moira got golden nails. :nail_care:

These all look great and these heroes definitely deserve this treatment. I mean Golden BOB is a bit much but :man_shrugging:t2:

All these changes were made so these heroes could show off their gold. All those hard earned CPs. That’s great. However, can we look at Symmetra.

Heroic (no gold)

Balance (no gold)

Light Reading (very cool but no gold)

Fan (no gold)

Medal (it is and it isn’t gold)

RIP (no gold but there are turrets, and no they shouldn’t be gold)

Dance (no gold)

Creation (no gold)

The game will be 3 years old this May and Symmetra has yet to be given a victory pose or highlight intro featuring her golden gun. Why not?

The requirement for getting gold seems to be that it’s part of your kit that lets you use your ULT.

Well, Symmetra’s photon glove makes her turrets “from light into being”.

Those turrets do 50dps each, 150dps in a car wash. Her glove makes her Teleporter which is an amazing mobility tool for bypassing chokes, TP bombing, and gaining the high ground.

Her glove also lets her create her map spanning 5000hp wall.

So why isn’t her glove gold? Even just having that little glint of gold would make people think twice and as she has her gloves in EVERY victory pose and EVERY highlight intro it would be a simple fix to give Symmetra mains something to show for their hard work.

I mean, Torb has a golden hammer. That’s a tool he uses to build.

Roadhog has a golden hook (he’s in serious need of a golden gun victory pose as well btw, as is Mei and Winston).

Symmetra has not had one but two massive reworks and she’s never been given any gold. It’s really diseheartening everytime a new hero comes out and they get something and she has nothing.

It’s really disheartening seeing events come and go only for Symmetra to remain without a victory pose or highlight intro that shows off her gold.

She really deserves a golden glove, especially if you want her to be taken seriously as a hero.

And i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again; her VA, Anjali Bhimani agrees.

Please, consider Symmetra as deserving of a golden glove. At the least use a still from her snicker or insignificant emote.

This is my hill and I will die on it. Please just acknowledge this post and if anyone else agrees you know what to do.

This has been asked for for a long time. Don’t let all these people down.

Edit: 17/04/19

Doomfist got a second Archives Highlight Intro. Symmetra got a voice line saying “Who knows what the future holds?”

Is that shade, gurl?

EDIT: May 2, 2019

Still no Dev comment, response, acknowledgement. Will this change? “Who knows what the future holds?”

Edit: May 12, 2019

A list of all the heroes and how many Victory Poses and Highlight Intros they have showing off their gold. It’s telling.

Ana: 7VP 5HI
Ashe: 4VP 3HI
Baptiste: 4VP 4HI
Bastion: 6VP 5 HI
Brigitte: 5VP 5HI
DVa: 6VP 4HI (Not counting Selfie)
Doomfist: 9VP 6HI
Genji: 6VP 5 HI
Hanzo: 5VP 5HI
Junkrat: 2VP 2HI
Lucio: 3VP 2HI
McCree: 7VP 4HI
Mei: 0 VP (7 if Snowball was gold) 2 HI
Mercy: 3 VP 5HI
Moira: 8 VP 5HI
Orisa: 6VP 6HI
Pharah: 2VP 0 HI
Reaper: 6VP 4HI
Reinhardt: 3VP 3HI (4 if the shield was gold)
Roadhog: 2VP 3HI
Soldier 76: 4VP 5HI
Sombra: 4VP 2HI
Symmetra: 0VP 0HI (8VP 5HI Golden Glove)
Torjörb: 2VP 1HI
Tracer: 2VP 2HI
Widowmaker: 2VP 4HI
Winston: 0VP 1HI
Hammond: 5VP 3HI
Zarya: 3VP 3HI
Zenyatta: 7VP 5HI

Edit: May 24, 2019
She got a voiceline for Anniversary. A very good one. Still no Victory Pose or Highlight Intro with her gun.

Edit: July 10, 2019
This happened and I am still buzzing (no pun intended)

If the golden gloves are still on the table here’s a great piece of work made by Minerrow

August 1, 2019

AND Sigma literally got golden gauntlets. I can’t even make this stuff up now.

August 2, 2019

Michael Chu said he’ll pass the suggestion along!

October 15, 2019
We do get SOME nice things. Expensive things. But nice things.

November 5, 2019
With the announcement of Overwatch 2 I can only hope that the art team take the golden glove into consideration with Symmetra’s OW2 design.

December 10, 2019

Like. She looks great. But. Her gun?

April 14, 2020

Need I say anything at this point? Echo is launched. She has what we want. Devs don’t respond. Repeat ad nauseum.

May 12, 2020
Moira mains want a golden backpack and I get it. because sleeves.

May 12, 2020

So this seems to happen now in practice range when Symmetra uses her Have A Seat emote. Does this bode well for a Victory pose this anniversary with her gun? I hope so.

May 31, 2020

Seriously, Blizzard. Four years. Can you just add this pose to the base lootbox and we’ll call it a day?

June 16, 2020

To add insult to injury, this was Symmetra’s victory pose in promotional materials. :sob:


They probably should but no one is on the forums at this time of day


a golden arm/glove would be fantastic for her.

cuz, again, she uses that arm to do literally everything


exactly. She deserves respect.


I Support this 100%.


Its been time, something needs to change. She has zero highlight intros that show off her gold, and maybe one victory pose(dead?) That shows her gun. At least maybe her arm gold, this is really lacking.


I support this and am in no way a fan of Symmetra


Only if Torb can have golden turret


None show her gun.

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he should get a golden claw. I’m not saying she needs golden turrets.


It is appreciated :grinning:

Michael Chu where are you!


Get Arcadium and Doomfish over here. They’re High Level Dev Summoners.


Literally found the best quote to summon doomfish with


I don’t think i’m asking for a lot and considering how quickly other heroes have been updated I don’t imagine this would take a lot. My god. I would just be over the moon if they made her glove gold in a future PTR update.


I acknowledge this post and second it. (And love it too, pretty detailed and well researched for a golden aesthetic wishlist post)

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Hello, I am officially putting in my request for a golden glove and / or highlight intro + victory pose that show a golden gun!

How would golden glove on magician skin work? IDK! I’m sure it’d look great though.


I really appreciate your support. As for the Magician, it’s one of my favourite skins and the way I imagine it is the hard light arm is the same but the part that goes round her actual palm is gold.


Wait why was I Summon I just started eating


Oh… it really doesn’t bother me. I mean we have to join comp to get it. And that will just Give an excuse for them to ban us.

It’s really not worth it anyway.

Gold is overrated

Though now that you Summon me: 🦖 Raptor Hero Concept (BTC)

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Golden glove and golden turrets. Fit for the queen she is.