Sym Bug Fixes in PTR 😂

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – January 30, 2019:

They fixed a bug where she can use a teleporter to reach unintended locations.

Yet, not fix the bug where she can’t use the teleporter to reach intended locations. ( Thank you rails and other destroyable objects blocking TP from spawning)

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So true. The never give Symmetra love sadly.

As for the bug fix. I say a freshnuts clip and it looked like Steeve was in a location where Symmetra players cannot usually reach in Route 66. I think that was the fix. Honestly, the play he was at when he killed people wasn’t a place you would normally look at.

There’s also the bug where sym could teleport inside a wall outside attacker’s 1st spawn in Dorado.

At least you can destroy the rails with Symmetra’s alt fire. Reaper has the same issue and there is no way for him to destroy those rails.

Except the spash “impact” doesn’t work like other explosives like pharah/junkrat so it’s 5x as hard to clear them out. If they upped the environmental destruction on her splash damage it would be such a massive stealth buff tbh Not saying it’s not better than reaper, but definitely worse than other ranged weapons.

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And still significantly better than Reaper who can’t even destroy them.

Honestly Teleporter should ignore rails and cause environment damage when placed in rails, same with Shadow Step (or replace Shadow Step).


Her splash damage doesn’t work right period. It’s supposed to do 60 damage yet it has damage decay the farther from away from the dead center of impact you are hit. Which means it’s impossible to get 60 splash damage and it’s only ever around 30 or less. They for some moronic reason decided to put junkrats mine mechanic of damage onto her orbs which makes absolutely no sense and completely ruins the splash mechanic. It should be a flat 60 splash damage.

On top of the it’s calculated so poorly the damage reduction starts directly from dead center of where the orb hits. This means given it’s large hitbox it already has damage being reduced INSIDE it’s direct impact hitbox because the decay starts not at it’s large hitbox but inside it, dead center. So literally right outside direct impact the actual splash damage is worthless at around 30 damage or less.

It’s so absurd a multi-billion dollar gaming company balances their game this poorly. Especially after they replaced a ability that actually worked correctly with one that doesn’t.


I’m with you, I love Sym but her current iteration has so many issues with it. It bugs me so much when people use her an example of how x, y, or z should be for their hero.

Like no, she’s a mess and your skill has to carry her kit.


76’s Tactical Visor to persist after the ability ended if the Ultimate Duration slider was set above 100% in a custom game
Fixed a bug that caused Mei’s hat to fold into itself when she used Cryo-Freeze with the Mei-rry skin equipped

These two bug fixes are dumb. Who cares about these bugs? These bugs aren’t major like some of the other bugs.

I wish more people understood that

Funnily Enough its because “NotMuda” a youtuber symm main keeps finding bugs and exploits.
And even after she got fixed another bug will be discovered!

But wont even touch some of the major bugs that are detrimental to her gameplay and overall viability! Sigh

Yeah I really do hate how the railings really mess with Reaper and Symm. I didn’t even realize how similar shadowstep and tp were (both in annoyingly long cast times and being stopped by the tiniest thing). One thing that I find annoying is when you’re playing on Lijiang garden, you SHOULD be able to put your tp on that window on the side of the control point, but it will literally wig out and show it switching between the window and the floor in front of the window, but it will always choose the floor. I don’t know if it’s too skinny, but if that’s the case, then why show it as an option in the first place? eye roll

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they never fix this bugs, but the fun bugs like telport on bar to side of omnic singer on Paris, they fixed, fixed numbani giant sprays, but not fix other things lol