👓 Sym and Reaper "Proper" changes (3rd Person Placement) (Non Beyblade) (How I would change Reaper’s Shadow Step and Sym’s Teleporter)

Basically making 3rd person placement happen with Reaper’s Shadow Step and Sym’s Teleporter. (Think Doomfist’s Ult)

(Unlike Doomfist 's Ult) There would be some important differences.

Placement effect would basically happen same as 1st person placement happens, though 3rd Person would give them more range and ease to place the placement.

They would be vulnerable while using the ability. (think of Junkrat during his ult, remember to hide.)

(Optional) Whatever they are using for the 3rd person placement, either Black cloud (Reaper) or Camera made of Light (Sym). It can be destroyed. (Optional)

They would be able to see the enemy from a safe distance and relay it to their team like current Sombra

They can place the placement anywhere within a 50 meter radius. (Even if it’s behind walls, on roofs, etc…)

Everything else still happens the same.

(3/8/19 Edit: Limit Sym’s to 3 people cause Geoff seems to have a problem with the whole team going though Sym’s Teleporter.)

Bonus for Sym: Instead of her summoning Flying Turrets.

Have her Summon Flying Barriers again

and when the Barriers hit a wall or a surface have then turn into Turrets.

Basically the return of Proton Barrier (or a lesser version of it, Or greater depending on the situation) but doesn’t let her lose anything else.


I assumed her tp would work like doomfists ult at first but then we got buggy reaper placement xD

Sym is fine hard pass on all this

would she just stand there and do nothing while you place your teleporter?
would you have any control of her until the teleporter is placed?

i like how tp is now.


She (and Reaper) would be basically focusing on the 3rd person camera. (pulling out a laptop to control the camera.)

These moves are classified has out of combat moves anyway by Geoff in an interview a month or so ago. (But they arn’t really made to be used like that “properly”)

You have to coordinate with your team and hide to use these properly.

(I know) At first this might seem nerf, but it would give you a huge advantage to sneak up in the enemy or just basic recon.

Sombra current state proves how useful this would be.

Teleporter and Shadestep has it is now, is still not good enough for high levels of play.

This has been said over and over.

(After seeing the above edit… “what, do I need to slap you with a fin” “pretty much covered everything””what else”)