Sym 3.0 is still trash - We need Sym 4.0


i think they should give those orbs back thier shield pen, remove the primary’s shield destruction cuze its worthless.


Buff / rework that primary or rather give her a brand new unique primary like they should of in the first place, instead of copying zyra.

The primary should be her main DPS
The second should be her anti shield, and now that she is a dps, having it do nice dmg is no longer wrong. Its not like she is still a support.

She is one of the DPS with out a DPS ulti. I think allowing her kit to do a bit more dmg is fair. Her orbs should stay the same, but with shield pen.


Sorry, this is such a blatant misunderstanding of the insane power of this ultimate that you have automatically disqualified yourself from being taken seriously on any ability to measure power in Overwatch in my eyes.


Hey why just don’t create another one hero with this abilities?
Why should we rework heroes to death if we don’t like them?


Sym2.0 + Sentry3.0 = Good

They Overnerfed her Primary. No lock is understandable I guess but not with the double charge time and less ammo! By the time she reaches max charge, she will be reloading.


Yeah, Sym needs some tweak, but not that new hero that replaced the real Sym! That is garbage.
So bring us back the old real Sym.


Yeah. I suggest an auto-lock beam.


even though they should, the majority of sym haters don’t want it.

Just remove Beam from her primary entirely and give her something new and fresh.