Sym 2.0 vs 3.0 Beam Damage - This is a Nerf!

He’s a Genji main. Their arrogance vastly exceeds their intelligence.

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Sometimes I manage to get 70% accuracy with her beam

And it STILL struggles to kill things.


why does this thread come across as people complaining about having to aim for first time instead of a numbers thing to me?

Yes it’s a nerf…but she got increased damage from other parts of her kit…all you gotta do is throw out one turret near your target and you’re easily doing as much damage as before if not more if you just cannot stay on target…her old beam was a buzz saw…maybe just maybe they don’t want that anymore

Give and take


Have you tried maybe, I don’t know, abusing the fact that you gain ammo and charge hitting barriers to charge your weapon and then use the ramped damage to actually kill enemies?

Why would you try to 1v1 with her when you know she’s a terrible duelist now?

Sym 2.0 players seem to be completely ignoring the fact that you can participate in shield wars now. They seem so hard stuck in their old ways of positioning and poking, they forget how to even think about adjusting their play with the changes.

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This is about the beam’s efficacy. Want to discuss her survivability? That’s another thread. Right now, unless the barrier users are dead or being mowed over, getting anywhere near barriers is a death sentence. I’ve charged my primary on barriers to go do damage only to be gunned down since she has nothing to stop incoming damage, my target is run down, or it’s more economical to stay mid-ranged. Number 3 basically means that the primary is nonexistent or fruitless in an exchange.


Oh okay so all I got to do is use one of my resources on a 10 second cooldown to make my primary useable?

Come on son.

If you read the thread you would know we’re upset because even when we DO aim, even Mercy can outsurvive us since the damage is so low and long. It should not take 2 seconds to kill a Sym turret, a TANK (ahem Zarya) should not be able to secure more kills with base beam than 3.0, and Sym as support should not have been more damaging and survivable than her dps iteration!


Sym 2.0 vs 3.0 orb dps - this is a buff.

it fast so fly and so big - it’s not a problem to 2-tap people to death. Just switch playstyle around orb.

But primary need some work anyway. Only hero you want to damage with it is And maybe charge from barrier if you have spare time


And as I said before maybe just maybe her prior beam was too strong and it’s a bad reference point?

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I agree that the beam is all around worse, but everything else about her was buffed, so I don’t mind that much.

she’s also easier to kill without extra 75 hp and barrier on cd to block few hits that allowed her to charge gun. I don’t really have much problems with it, but reaper suddenly become dangerous to Symm (more than before atleast)


People are having this misconception where they think her damage potential is ‘high’.

180 DPS is not particularly ‘high’, especially considering the drawbacks.

Junkrat has higher potential DPS at 120 x 1.66 = 199. Reaper has higher DPS at 280. Soldier 76 has sliiightly lower DPS at 171. McCree has 140. Orisa has 132. Recon Bastion has 160.

Barring Junkrat, none of these even have headshots included in their calculations. Symmetra isn’t some kind of facemelting monster even if she were to run around the match fully charged from the start. Hell, she barely outperforms a Soldier 76 with the same accuracy.

And then there’s the matter of how she achieves this DPS. It’s close combat, it has to be charged up, she’s squishy and has no relevant mobility or survivability. These kinds of drawbacks is why Reaper gets 280 instead of 180, like she does. And he doesn’t have the wind-up thingy.

Truth is, while 180 is acceptable DPS, the build-up mechanism is not. Starting off with 60 DPS for the first two seconds, exacerbated by any loss in accuracy, for a weapon that maxes out at ‘slightly worse than Junkrat but slightly better than Soldier’ is insulting.

Assuming 50% accuracy, in five seconds, Symmetra will now deal 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 60 = 180 damage.

Assuming 50% accuracy, in five seconds…

Orisa will do 66 x 5 = 330.
McCree will do 70 x 5 = 350.
Soldier will do 85.5 x 5 = 427.5.
Reaper will do 140 x 5 = 700.
Roadhog will do roughly 536.
Pharah will do 330 as well.
Even Mercy will deal 250 with her blaster, not counting headshots.

Not counting headshots on any of them!

Literally everyone blows her massively out of the water in the first five seconds, assuming 50% accuracy, and they -all- have higher maximum potential due to headshots.

So to recap…

Symmetra’s gun is short range, requires high accuracy, doesn’t work well against armor, has a wind-up which renders it the absolute, literal -worst- weapon in the game at the start (Seriously, 50% accuracy drops it below Brigitte’s melee), and its maximum potential is not even the highest in the game if you don’t count headshots, and it’s absolutely laughable if you DO count headshots.

It is, by far, by a huge, enormous margin, the absolute worst weapon in the game.

Down from “kinda crappy but easy to use”.


Aim better and you’ll do more damage. Lol

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Wow this was a really good post. I agree with every point.


But it’s not her only source of damage.


If you are only going to factor in her m1 then yeah you can play with numbers and make it look bad. But if I have a single turret out and hit someone with her m2 first 200hp heroes get deleted in a couple seconds. It’s not even close to being the worse weapon in the game dude. Sym has never had a true “primary” you were always supposed to use both modes in conjunction to do damage but because the lock on was so cheesy people neglected other parts of her kit. Now you can’t do that anymore and some people are screaming. Others have adjusted and are doing work with her. I’m literally getting gold and silver damage and elims almost every game. Use her kit properly and you will profit :man_shrugging:t5:


Why am i being insulted in the first sentence?

Anyway i don’t think that anyone actually thinks Symm new beam is a buff, the whole point IMO seemed to remove a lot of the power from her auto-aim mechanic onto other aspects of her kit. lol dude did you think you would get damage enough to rival auto-aim? which is basically 100% accuracy any compensation to that would be stupidly OP.

Yes ofcoz its a nerf. Who ever said it wasn’t? maybe i’m lost somewhere.


You could participate in shield wars before. You had 15 seconds of fire time, and your beam would dance along barriers, instantly locking onto any poor fool who sticks his nose out.

It’s like, they reversed the purpose of her primary and secondary fire, making the secondary fire have the benefits of both, and the primary that of neither. Like great, you have recharging ammo. Giving that to the 2.0 weapon would’ve been more useful than this powered up weapon is, for sure.

Also we know that’s the case because of how necessarily less effective the new primary fire is.

Isn’t it ironic that keyboard and mouse will now be needed to use her above diamond on console xD?

And yes, that’s true - but don’t forget the 30% damage reduction on console :wink:

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But the very issue with auto-aim was that its damage potential was -too low-, and Blizz couldn’t think of any way to improve it without making it too overbearing.

Point is, if her new beam was compensated for its accuracy loss and retained the same DPS, that would actually be -balanced-. That would put her at 240 DPS at max, assuming balancing around 50% accuracy, which puts her in the ballpark of Reaper, who is also a close combat hero, as opposed to putting her in the ballpark of a bunch of heroes who actually perform at range.

Okay, but if you factor in the kits of the other heroes, then you’ve got worse comparisons because Soldier’s Helix rockets are a damn sight more threatening than her little turrets or even her M2. As is Junkrat’s M1 + mine combo. And a lot of these characters have survivability tools or other utility.

Point is, her M1 is just underwhelming to the point of it not really being in the game anymore, and that’s inexcusable.


A sad truth, my friend. It was a good idea though, just poorly implemented. Like I understand the need to increase the tic rate so you can’t just sweep the beam through people, but by increasing the tickrate you make it significantly worse against armor.

So she’s to be good against barriers but not tanks… Interesting…

You know what would’ve been cool though? Sym 2 beam with the sym 3 kit - probably would be necessarily less effective at melting shields, but would damn well be effective at melting players. Especially with a 2-second delay between charge level atrophy.

Only one problem with this - there’s a limit to the accuracy you’ll have with beam weapons unless you’re using an aimbot or you have OWL-level tracking.


Does no one also play Zarya on console above Diamond without a m+kb?

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