Swap E-Rez with Valkyrie | Make Rez an Ultimate Again

That post wasn’t to “win any points,” that post was to prove how reverts have happened since that statement.

Also, I appreciate your opinion, but I’m going to have to humbly disagree. Neither you nor I speak for the devs and what we “think they were talking about”. No explanation on said terms were made either, so it’s safe to assume that what was said was face value and in broad terms, and anything outside of that, is subjective opinion and/or speculation.

I believe that reverting the hero’s voiceline, her healing back to 50hps, and her Valkyrie healing back to 60hps are all examples of past reverts that have occured since said statements. If you don’t hold that same view, that’s fine and you are entitled to that belief. We’re just going to have to agree to disagree on that. :blush:

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Factually – if you are talking about the 50hps/s->60HPs/s change which was one of two changes in the most recent set of 2 changes to Mercyis – this change is not a revert

Thanks for projecting your opinion, but I am going to kindly ask that you keep it respectful, civil, and on topic. This is a discussion about Mercy’s current state, swapping Rez on E with Valkyrie, and making Mass Rez an ultimate again, not ad hominem, personal attacks, and your personal envy towards others.

Let’s keep it classy, and thanks for your cooperation! :blush:

I can totally get behind this. Thanks for your suggestions!
I’m curious as to what you mean by “weapon switching time?” Also what are your thoughts for an E ability? Should it be Valkyrie? Or would you prefer something else? :blush:

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a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

Basically, switching from staff to gun would be slightly faster. Maybe like .2 seconds, for Torb and Mercy both.

I think she could potentially go without an E if those changes are put in.

And here’s where I solidify my point in one of my previous posts here. I had mentioned that there’s really only 3 things you seemed to know how to reasonably post here, and this tiny bit alone shows 2 of those 3 things. And lest you should get too optimistic,

Here’s the 3rd one of those.

Again, you’re basing this off of a voice line change and base HPS changes. You’ve straight up posted this yourself as well, within the very beginning of this thread.

See? There’s no comparing these to the literal change of ultimates, much less a full blown rework. Your arguments would hold more water if you actually gave proof that Blizzard reverted a full blown rework of a character in Overwatch. Not some voice line or HPS change.

Unlike some other characters who have issues, you guys HAVE gotten a direct response from the Overwatch Team regarding Mercy. Geoff already stated the following on Emongg’s stream:

xavvy, you’re just in a denial state. However, you’ll probably just disagree with the bits in this post as well. With that said, let’s take a look at how many posts of yours in this thread in which you’ve agreed or disagreed with other thoughts relevant to this thread up until now; shall we?

Your 'I disagree' posts in this thread are here. This also includes posts that clearly imply disagreeing even if it's not stated:

Post 7
Post 9
Post 17
Post 23 (note that while 1 agree is listed in this post, there are more disagrees than agrees)
Post 35
Post 40
Post 45
Post 50
Post 69
Post 258 (This is in both agree and disagree since both bits are in)
Post 283
Post 337
Post 365 (This is in both agree and disagree since both bits are in)
Post 383
Post 401

  • I’ll even add this post to your list of posts that you’ll disagree with, since I can easily predict how you’d respond to this post.
  • And let’s also not forget any of the posts you have in this thread in which you responded to Megadodo. Which I also find funny because you never did actually answer Megadodo’s question regarding why you use the blush/smirk emojis in relation to the discussed topic. As well as like, nearly every single one of your posts in general…

As for posts in this thread that you have agreed with:

Post 23 (This post can go in both agree and disagree because there is 1 agree bit in. However, note that there are more disagrees than agrees.)
Post 258 (This is in both agree and disagree since both bits are in)
Post 365 (This is in both agree and disagree since both bits are in)

Any post of yours that wasn’t put here would be seen as ‘mixed.’ Not necessarily agree or disagree, but you see where the point is coming from. And as you can see, I had a far, far easier time finding disagrees than agrees. But even those were offset by other disagrees within the same post…

So yeah; and I didn’t see one instance in this thread where you agreed on changes that involved keeping Mercy’s current kit. In other words, the ones that involve Rez ability, and Valk ult. You’d honestly get a lot farther if you actually suggested changes to Mercy’s CURRENT kit, which involve keeping Rez as a regular ability, and Valk as the ult. I mean, if you really want to try pursuing this crusade, be my guest. But I can guarantee you that you’d be vastly disappointed with a potential direct response, since they will state that Mercy will not be reverted.


I actually haven’t noticed the delay in her switch between weapons. I certainly think that would be a nice QOL fix for the hero. :blush:

As for her E, fair enough. I personally wouldn’t mind it, as long as Mass res is the ultimate (or some variation of it) to balance out the lack of an ability (I personally don’t think a weapon switch buff would be enough to remove an ability altogether). Another idea would be to incorporate some form of Valk on E, balanced to suit her kit without feeling like another ultimate, and moving res to be her Q. Titanium’s thread gave some pretty great suggestions as well that goes into detail regarding her kit without Valk, now that I’m thinking about it, and something like a sort of Pacify, among other things, in place of Rez on cooldown.

I would certainly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already, and don’t mind an in-depth read. :blush:

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sorry is this about genji?

Yo I’m just going to say props for actually going to that length. You constructed a very well worded and coherent response.

Welcome to being ignored by Xavvy.

If anything I hope that this thread has demonstrated there is literally no point in trying. I think sometime after the rework something broke in them, I don’t know. But now they just run on like a loop.

Anyways, once again, props on a good post.


Xavvy is actually becoming a laughingstock outside of these forums; their delusions are becoming the face of the Mercy Mains who want mass rez.


xavvy is a delusional mercy main completely engrossed in her bubble, with an obnoxious holier than thou attitude. They think their opinion is the best. They straight up said “if the devs tried my suggestion they’d see it was the solution all along”.

They just use the same argument over and over (voiceline and number reverts), no matter ho many time we tell they aren’t the same thing.
No matter how much the devs say that mass rez isn’t coming back, they hold to those two small changes like gospel.

While they claim to “every opinion matter”, this topic shows just how much they believe their opinion to be superior and how every other opinion is not worth anything more than “i disagree, so shut up”.

Their posts are a broken record.
“I disagree”
“thanks for projecting your opinion”
“the devs have reverted mercy multiple times”
“we have to agree to disagree”
Add in spending an obnoxious amount of time focusing on semantics and nitpicking criticism.
Add grouping every mercy complaints like they come from a single person and only answering to those they can reply.
Add ignoring every other argument that calls them out on their hypocrisy and repetitiveness.
True fair and fun


Imagine Goats and Mercy with Mass ress . I would instanly quit this game once for all.

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It sounds like Ad Homiem. I wonder what the full quote actually said…

Ah, context. One of the most important elements of human communication. Either way, with that rumor debunked, let’s keep it classy and constructive. Thanks! :blush:

You are fine to have that opinion. As for me, I humbly disagree. With counters such as Hammond and Torbs Ults, checks to mass res such as Los, damage reduction instead of invincibility, and 1.25s cast time, I believe Mass res would not only be a great addition to the game, but a necessary one to fight the amount of “Q spam” and power creep we are currently experiencing. I’d certainly play the game a lot more, but hey! My opinion! :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

Too easy to predict, as usual. All 3 bits that I’ve stated before, in one single paragraph. You try to claim that “every opinion matters”. However, this topic alone shows just how much you believe your own opinion to be superior and how every other opinion isn’t worth anything more than “I disagree, so shut up.”

Plus, this.

And since the cat’s clearly got your tongue without those 3 aforementioned bits above xavvy, let’s see your response to my previous post in this thread of yours.

And this too.


Y’all would have mass rez with such caveats for a day and realize how crap it is. Because it’s crap. Ppl complain about current rez–it’ll be just as bad on mass rez even with damage reduction and a shorter cast time.


Hmmm, I’m very sorry, but I’m going to have to disagree with you there. I think it’s fair to say that people will have different opinions on whether or not these changes will be good or bad for them. We don’t speak for everyone, so I don’t think it would be wise to assume that “everyone who wants mass res with these changes would realize that it’s crap”. But you are certainly entitled to your opinon.

Such a kit has never been made live on Mercy before, or tested in the live servers, so just as there is a possibility that it won’t work out and Mercy mains would hate the changes, there is just as good of a possibility that it will, and that Mercy mains would love them. In my experience, Rez on cooldown feels very different to Rez that you earn, and I think that would go with any ability that you earn vs one that’s given to you on a fixed timer. I think we shouldn’t try to oversimplify the two there. :slight_smile:

But alas, we will never know how these changes would actually be received by the community, unless we actually tried it, won’t we? :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

you know that context is supposed to change the meaning of a supposedly out of context line, right?
Because even in context, you straight up said “if the dev tried my idea, they’d see it was the solution all along”.

ps: let’s add “sound like ad hominem” to the pool of stock answers


They’re saying that the “maybe” makes all the difference

Your trying really really hard there lol


which… doesn’t.
They still are implying that their solution “was the right one all along”.

you are talking to a user that even in front of Goodman and Kaplan both saying “mass rez isn’t coming back” said that they were both wrong.

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I mean you have to admire the effort tho honestly.