Suspended from Comp, despite never entering the game?

Got an “applying update” screen (Despite the fact my console says my game is fully up to date), then it disconnected, and gave me an error with a support link that ONLY works on PC. So, I restart my Console, reopen Overwatch, and now I’m suspended?

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same here it said applying update then took me to main menu then i lost sr

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Speculating here, but I think this was a one time issue. Blizzard recently released a new critical privacy policy change and required all users to sign back in to be able read it. This doesn’t affect PC players, because the log in occurs with the app launcher, but I would not be surprised if this affected users on console.

Unfortunately penalties still can’t be reversed even in this situation. In any case, you should be able to quickly recover any lost SR by playing a few more games of Competitive.

I am getting this in every single mode I try to enter. Made a topic about it, but nobody is posting there on the general forum.

Hold up. Why is all accountability being placed on the player here? We are already forced to accept the new terms to continue playing the game, but because of an error on Blizzard’s end, we have to take a loss on SR with no recompense? That is BS.


Once again, I am speculating so I could be wrong, (just observing from what trends I have seen). This may have been a legitimate disconnection of some sort. In any case, you can read in detail Blizzard’s policy here:

I will also emphasize its relatively easy to reverse the SR loss by just playing a few more Competitive games (win or lose) as the hidden MMR works to realign itself.

yeah i got the sr back 2 games later its all good

So everyone on console is taking a -50SR hit? Nice. It just happened to me. Yet another reason Switch is a joke to the rest of the community.

If it just happened to you at the time of your post, I doubt it is the problem I speculated (that has come and gone). The time of the original poster was several hours ago, so your instance is very likely to be different. Investigate your disconnection if needed.

Just got a ban with the same screen after accepting the new terms. Lost Sr, and my endorsement went from 5 to 4. I’ve never left a game, and have a very reliable internet connection… but I’m supposed to just accept the Sr and endorsement loss? Fix your own mistake for once, Blizzard.

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Yup just got the same ban :expressionless:. What exactly do you mean by playing a couple games to fix it because I know penalty will lift after a couple games but but does SR actually recover in some way? If it does why does it do this? You would figure it wouldn’t because in the events of an actual leaver why would he eventually get his SR back when he did in fact leave.

- YouTube Same thing happened to me. I captured it on video and I want my SR back.

“Applying Update” message popped up as I was queuing for a competitive match, then it turned into a HF-5 error or something like that. I was NEVER even allowed in the match, yet I am suspended for an hour for “leaving” :man_facepalming:

This is wrong. I had agreed to privacy policy as was I first logging into Overwatch. I played quick play and experimental mode for about an hour. Then I decided to jump into a competitive match. That when I got hit the “applying update” message which never let me into the game and cause an error. Next thing I know I am suspended for a hour for something that is not my fault.

This is what happened to me. I have video proof - YouTube they should give me back my SR and accept the fact that it was screw up on their end.

I understand this is upsetting, but please try to group replies.

Blizzard doesn’t refund SR, even if it’s their fault. You’ll want to submit feedback on the system in the #competitive-discussion forum since developers don’t monitor this forum and tech support has no control over game systems.

I have literally just logged in an hour & half ago to play some comp so this is not a one time issue because I got this exact same issue twice got banned problem is why should i be banned this is a Blizzard issue if i try again after my hour ban is up i get banned again

This is a joke Blizzard make the game unplayable in competitive yet they fail to reverse the problems it cause, playing more game in comp is not an answer they need to come up with something better

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Same problem for me and my mates on PS4. Not only for competitive but for all other game modes as well. Everyone of us lost 50 SR on a certain role and after trying to start arcade modes we get the same update screen again.

It’s occurring continuously.

Yeah I switch to my other account. I think I lost over a hundred Sr due this error message that pops up right before I am about to log into a game.

Overwatch has the worst game devs I EVER SEEN