Suspended for playing Torbjorn


they are reporting you for abusive chat even thought you are not in coms

or not communicating

this is the problem with the report sytem

the entire community knows via google search
that the only way to really get another player actioned against in this game\

is to use the ab chat report

so innocent players are getting banned

and also up to account closure permanent bans

due to how the community abuse this current system


Brugger what are you a mod? Get outta here he’s discussing the problems with the report system


they think they are.

hopefully if wyomingmyst actually has any pull with blizz he’ll tell them the system is broken


I do think he has some officially unofficial ties with Support, tho he is not an employee of Blizzard


and I think he is a good guy


he has said in essence (gist/summary, not quoting him here) that he does not believe the report system is broken, so I dont think he’d convey to support that it is


I’ll preface the following with an honest statement: I like playing Torb too. He is A LOT of fun. In quick play and arcade I have played him quite a bit.

Now onto some more truth: You are a horrible team mate.

Before you put your tiara on and start banging at the keyboard through a shower of tears - put the truth to the test.

Ask your self and answer HONESTLY: ‘How many times in spawn did I look over the team composition and think, maybe X hero would bring more value and increase our chances of winning?’ - or - ‘How many times did I just insta-lock Torb ignoring team composition and map solely because I wanted to play torb and ignore my five other team mates desire to have the best possible chance to win.’

False reporting is a thing. It is against the rules to abuse the report system and reporting somebody for their hero pick. But to assume it will not happen repeatedly because you are a horrible team mate when it comes to building a team composition is dangerously naive.

By picking torb each and every match, you tell your team that you are not a team player and give them no choice but to carry your limited ability to contribute. So, now it appears many players have stated loud and clearly they do not want you on their teams by false reporting.

They false report because the ‘avoid as teammate’ function is wholly inadequate to accommodate all the trash, throwers, and toxic players you come across in solo queue.

You have one of two ways out of this once your suspension is up:

  • Stop playing torb every match. Learn other heros and learn to be a better team mate.
  • Use LFG, create a team, put ‘I play Torb’ in the title so all those who join will know in advance and will work with you.

But, I doubt you will do that. You will continue to one-trick torb until you do get banned. In that case, Overwatch will be a little better of an experience for others by not having you on their teams.


I am an active poster on these forums, and I am very dedicated to playing this game. I am also one of the forum MVPs where I help others resolve technical issues and problems with Overwatch including providing instructions on how to resolve any account actions. I have had many discussions with the community AND with representatives of Blizzard, however in the end it comes down to my own personal experience, the observations I see from the community as a whole, and what Blizzard is willing to reveal to the community as a whole.

I cannot and will not detail everything I know about Blizzard Customer Service. However I will share details that have been made publicly available by Blizzard. This includes past developer and Blizzard representative posts, official support documents such as the Code of Conduct and the Appeal Instructions, and informational panels including 2018 Blizzcon’s Play Nice, Play Fair panel.

I warn players here on the forums that discuss your specific account actions is not a good idea on the forums, not only because it technically violates the Forum Code of Conduct, but in nearly every instance I have seen a representative of Blizzard look into such a user, they prove that user is, in fact, a person who has been actioned appropriately, OFTEN to the embarrassment of that user. Furthermore, I often know there is often information withheld from each individual case I have seen, and that leads to wild speculation.

For example, if I was to judge based on the forum post history of each player complaining that I see one of these posts, more often than not I would personally discover that each user has been actioned appropriately assuming his attitude is the same in the game itself. But that is my perspective and leads to speculation which is harmful to the discussion.

Just as equally, there is a LOT of hyperbole on these forums, Reddit, social media about the overall state of the game (not just the reporting system). Now I do believe Overwatch is NOT in a perfect state, especially with Competitive, I do believe Blizzard is at very least making sure that any player who is removed from the game, has done so appropriately.

I myself have walked a fine line in my play behavior, for the most part I am a DPS main in Competitive, I insta-lock my hero pick in every match, and there are matches that I fail miserably… very miserably. In fact, I am not gaining ground this season in Competitive, and it has led to some rather grumpy teammates who claim that they have reported me. However, in my entire history of playing Overwatch since launch. I have NEVER been actioned (or even warned) for my conduct in the game. In fact, I have only ever been actioned on the forums once (and I deserved it).

In the end, I still see no confirmed evidence that a player can be actioned based on a fixed number of reports received without investigation by Blizzard. I do believe reports are reviewed and build context to that player’s case when Blizzard reviews them. Blizzard does use voice chat logs, artificial intelligence, and game metrics to collect evidence to a player’s case. Blizzard will instantly ban a player if they detect any known unauthorized third party software (but again that is based on collecting confirming evidence). But I FIRMLY do not believe being falsely reported will get you in trouble. Blizzard has stated that all appeals are personally reviewed by a game master, they may send back a “generic response” because sending specific details or examples does not fix the behavior of that player, it gets them to try and work around it and still find ways to disrupt games for other players. Any of you can choose to believe me if you wish, but in the end, I am still not convinced that “the report system is broken”.

Thank you for your time. From here on out I have muted this thread as I am done with this specific discussion. So any direct replies, quotes, or responses will not be seen by me. Regards.


I’ve played lots of Torb this season in comp (almost 8 hours, 65% winrate) and no one have said anything negative like me being the reason for losing or similar, if anything people have actually called me smurf a few times lol (in high plat).

But then again I play comp in order to win so I swap off things that don’t work rather fast. One trickers deserve to be suspended, there’s QP and DM available for those who only want to play with one hero.


Ye , he is going to love the automated responses from blizzard support, last time they sent me old adress to the TOS that gave me 502 error so these messages were written some time ago.


Man , get out of that bubble you are in because it’s sad what i’m reading here. Ok man, i’d like to ask you a question. Did in EVERY GAME in ow you kept your cool? You NEVER were toxic to anyone? If you play this long there is simply no way. This way blizzard can dig up that 1 game and make the ban “legit”. Think about that.


sorry dude
this community does not know real toxicity
and that’s a fact

the moment u say something about a counter and a hero should swap or anything related to game play during the game

they all cry afoul of “toxic” and try to gang up and label you as toxic

fact of the matter is that player is trying to win
and is not throwing insults
and this snowflake community calls everything they don’t like toxic

so the only solution
play with team chat on auto-join but set the volume to zero in options
hide text chat and play overwatch

the community under diamond is literally not worth the frustation to be in coms
everything is verbal abuse from others

to wich they don’t record the voip
so having ab chat as a report option is an oxymoron when they have no way of proving who said what in any scenario
except for in text chat

yet gm’s make calls on this stuff ?
no they don’t all automated


i dont know in other ranks. In my rank, gold, when i play torb no one complains in the chat. And if I see that “something is not working”, i am the first one to switch. Specially against pharah.

I havent watched streams of top 500 torbs, so I dont know if they suffer of the chat problem.


funny thing Is you all always think when someone is suspended that they were indeed one tricking and it’s usually not the case


Manage to get suspended for playing a certain hero would be next to impossible if you don’t play it extensive amount of games in which you should have played something else.

Three of the most common scenarios that can lead to someone being banned/suspended due to playing a specific hero are more than likely the following,

  1. Picking a specific hero over and over regardless of the situation or how the game progress because “it’s fun to play” or because it’s fun trolling with. Typical one-trick mentality.
  2. Using an account in order to practice or warm up with a hero in competitive in ways you wouldn’t do on your main account since you know you put your team in a severe disadvantage plenty of times but simply don’t care. It’s not rare to see accounts named “widowonly”, “hanzomain” and so on. Most of the people that do this are actually good and in some cases extremely good with that hero and might be diamond-GM on their main account but only gold-plat on the practice account since they either single-handedly win games in which the practice hero is a decent/good pick or single-handedly throw games in which it isn’t, essentially you set yourself up to get reported by angry opponents when you crush them and teammates when you can’t carry them.
  3. A mix of the two options above, kind of a reverse way of approaching the second option in particular in which you decide to play something you’re not good with on a main account. Like it might not be the best idea to half way into a season start grinding Genjii a lot of games in competitive if you’re a main healer that never touched genjii except for a few times in mystery heroes… Essentially you might end up playing a hero worse than your average silver genjii on some super high rank and that would really piss people off as well.

So yes, there are various ways you can end up getting suspended for playing a specific hero. However “one-tricking” can be used in various contexts and it’s far more likely that you end up using the word to describe any of the type of people above rather than the extremely few times you stumble upon on someone that defines the essence of “one-trick”, someone who due to some OCD or whatever needs to play a specific hero, I mean people that would rather just leave the game rather than spend a minute playing something else because of the hero they need to play being taken already, those people exist but they are extremely rare.


Unsurprisingly I was suspended again. I was playing Torbjorn and got the usual “report torbjorn” bs, even though we were winning and I was doing fine. Right after the game, I got disconnected and a message “this account has been suspended” appeared.
The way my suspension triggered right after a game in which I was abusively reported and the automated message that followed my appeal make me think that there’s no human review whatsoever on these matters.

I’ve decided I’ll just keep spamming tickets every time this happens.


It’s a fallacy to think a player will do better when they swap just because of a theoretical character matchup


A totally unenforceable policy.

Banning for hero picks is the top reason for bans, not even trolling. But we all knew this would happen


but it’s blizz they won’t admit when there wrong ever.


torb is fine rn, he’s actually not bad. Sym on the other hand I would love to see get a perma ban from comp


i dont understand if you can pick any hero and also if you good or bad - thats SR system to judge why they ban any1?


The system doesnt ban 1-tricks or Off Meta heroes. You’ve just been reported enough times, either because you were either not performing well enough or because Torbjorn is a troll pick right now for most players, for the system to say “Oh people are complaining about you, let me automatically suspend you because I dont really know why they are reporting you, but I will also add a flag to your account so if a Mod does view your account for flags they can determine if your account should be perma banned!”

Or you actually had toxic behavior and deserved the suspension.

its one or the other. You dont get suspended/banned randomly.