Suspended for Playing Symmetra


I am not sad at all at seeing that a OTP Symmetra got banned


I agree with your post. But I also believe that OP did more than what is being let on.

Regardless, the system is automated and doesn’t care. Currently, it is abused to ban people like OP. Only way to “stop” it persay, is for such to happen on a degree and level that it cannot be hidden. Not that such is actually possible or anything though…


It’s very unfortunate that you think people that do things you don’t like should be subject to abuse and harassment.

You’re kind of skirting around it by saying “they don’t deserve to be in competitive” but we all know what you mean. Sad.


No child, I just don’t answer or pander to victimising children who scream harassment when they got what they deserved.


In my experience, people that call others “child” are usually rather immature. I would wager I have quite a few years on you! :slight_smile:

No one deserves to be harassed or abusively communicated with.

You support Symmetra players being subjected to the following: hateful, discriminatory, obscene, or disruptive communications. Threatening and harassing another player on either team is also unacceptable, regardless of the words used.


I treat people how they deserve to be, and how they act.


By supporting them being abused and harassed, I see.


I mean who really cares at all Symettra is a lowskill brain dead hero, the less of that in my games the better!


Again by not pandering to whining, self-victimising children


Again, you never answered the question directly. :slight_smile:


I answered it, you just don’t like the answer because it doesn’t enable you to scream “victim”


I’ll help Nightman spell it out for you,

When you do something you know it going to tick people off and cause a ruckus you should be aware you will catch flack.

He is saying he has no sympathy because these people should know what they are doing and what to expect.

He is neither supporting or advocating for the behavior he is just stating how the real world works.


You didn’t answer it directly :slight_smile:

You answered by saying, “They don’t deserve to be in competitive” rather than specifying if you believe they deserve to be the target of harassment and abuse - which I later went on to define for you and still haven’t gotten a response on.


see the above, and learn reading comprehension.

It was answered, just not how you wanted it to be because now you can’t scream “harrassment” or anything else like that


Funny you would say I need to learn reading comprehension when you’ve seemingly been incapable of understanding the words, “You didn’t answer the question directly.”

But it’s all good. I take your meaning all the same.
You support players being abused and harassed.


since I can somehow understand Nightman and not you, Ill help translate

No he does not think people should be abusive.

But it happens, and when you do something you know will get people upset to the point where abusive chat happens you should have known what to expect.

This is why he doesn’t have sympathy for those who cry about it.


I’m not crying it - I’m not sure why you would exaggerate things to that level.

I’m simply saying no one should be the target of abuse and harassment and that such behavior is actually unacceptable per the Code of Conduct.

I think it’s somewhat humorous that you’re trying to answer directly for him instead of letting him do it himself.

Then again, within your answer you’re justifying the abusive behavior by effectively saying people deserve it for picking Symmetra - so you’re kind of answering yes and no.

You’re basically saying, “I don’t think people should be abused, but if they pick Symmetra, then it’s not as bad.”


Who is going to disagree with that. Also I did not say you were crying. Please read more carefully.

I wish I lived in a fairytale world too, but whether ingame or not when you do something unpopular that affects other people negatively you will get abused verbally. Is the abuse right, no but its literally how people work on a basic level. If you are negatively affecting people you should know you might get verbally abused.

I don’t believe its worth getting angry enough to flame someone but I don’t have sympathy for people who don’t understand basic human nature.

You keep accusing people of supporting abuse but you willfully ignore the information people are trying to enlighten you with. Putting your head in the sand will change nothing.

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I’m locking this topic as it’s spiraling into a negative place.

If you believe your account has been suspended because of false reporting, please follow this guide.

Thank you.

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