Suspended because your servers suck

How does that make sense? Right after the matchmaker indicated that I’d found a match, I was greeted with a suspension message instead of the screen listing all of the players in the match.

“Failed to connect to server.” The match hadn’t even begun, and I’m being penalized for an error on your end. I know it wasn’t me because this has never happened before in the two years I’ve had this game.

Why is this in competitive discussion?
What’s your average ping?
Are you hard wired into the internet connection?

There are many, many questions to consider. And as others have said: if losing 50 SR unjustly in 2 years is the worst thing to happen in your life: wanna trade? Have some perspective.

From my experience, Blizzard’s servers are the most reliable servers I’ve ever played on for any game.

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Because that error can occur when someone unplugs their ethernet or turns off WiFi to try and dodge a match. The servers don’t tell the difference between a connection problem on their end or your end, because ultimately, if you are playing often, you’ll earn the SR back anyway. More info here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties