Suspended because what?

Anything you do, that will disturb poeple, will get you banned.

Poeple just autoreport for anything they dont like, mistakes, hero swaps, bad language - can be anything…
And blizzard cannot employ millions of poeple just to read reports and watch replays.

If you reach X-number of reports, the system suspends you automatically.
If you write complaint, a bot will reply “we have checked evidence”.
If you get lucky, a human will respond “25x games ago, you once said “youre bad pls swap” to a player with negative k/d ratio. Therefore all other reports are justified. Enjoy ur ban”


I’ve played for well over 1000 hours on several accounts and only received 1 ban. It was a ban I thought was wrong, but I just accepted it for a week.

These things happen, but if it’s a pattern then I think you’re maybe more toxic then you are leading us to believe.

Perhaps not though! I don’t know all the facts.


ive been perma banned for responding to death threats " please dont tell people to commit suicide or blizzard will uninstall you" a 4 stack intentionally losing and very angry i notified the rest of the players in the game this group was actively avoiding callouts and last second swapping to ruin compositions. goodtimes being banned for saying uninstall in an educational manner.

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Well yeah i had some bad connection but is rarely other than that i don’t see why honestly and no I’m not toxic if my rein charge in from Narnia or a player press q by mistake or w/e I keep my mouth shut. And if I’m starting to feel fatigue or tilted I flat out stop playing or go to qp. I really wanna know why the ban tho it was only 15 mins but still …

A 15 minute competitive suspension is because the server thought you did not complete your previous competitive match. Since you said it was during a match, there was likely a server error that it did not recognize as a server error, and everyone in your game received the suspension when it shut down.

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Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

The competitive disconnection suspensions are extremely lenient. After less than 15 games your leaver status is dropped a stage. Getting upset over it is just dumb as you have 4 chances to drop your leaver stage before any real punishment is applied.

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That’s not a ban, that’s just the first level of the competitive leaver penalty. If you disconnected from a game, then that’s the reason, no matter how rarely it happens.

However, I did have a strange bug a few months ago where I just got moved back to the menu in the middle of a fight and got a 15 minute penalty. No lag, no DC, no crashes, just moved back to the game menu out of nowhere without the option to rejoin. I was playing with friends and talking to them over discord the entire time. I’ll try to find the clip but I’m afraid I’ve already deleted it.

If this is happening to you more frequently, you should contact the technical support. It could be a rare bug they aren’t aware of.

The only way you can avoid ban with this automated system is to never type and never speak.

Typing “GG” runs the risk of being reported by some idiot, so the only option is to never speak.


That is not true. You can never speak or write and still be reported for playing a certain hero or your playstyle might be reported because in the eyes of someone else you might be throwing.


Today on things that never happened:

It’s blizzard report system. I’ve been silenced for abusive chat when I didn’t use VC.
Yeah, sorry, I was one of those non VC’ers.
Still funny you can get banned because a 5 stack decides they don’t like you
Appealed to blizzard and they couldn’t “disclose” any information regarding it.
Best thing to do is wait it out or quit OW until OW2. Maybe then blizzard will get some sense that a player - base suspension system isn’t the best way to go.
Before anyone says it, it isn’t human moderated. I’ve received the exact same relies besides “Game Master _____”.
Maybe it is humans just forced to say dumb things

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This might actually be true :smiley: I worked in a call center for an airline for four years. The amount of things we were obliged by our contract to say that were never true is too many to count.

We were literally forced to lie to customers.

Sounds about right. That’s really unfortunate

no i got a response and all it did was qoute “uninstall” … and besides heal me or lets play dive thats about all my comms come down to.

it must be fun living in a world u dont get paired w obviously toxic & intentionally throwing 4 stacks nearly every match.

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I’ve been silenced multiple times for toxic behaviour, and when I asked exactly what quotes lead to that conclusion, I was met with quite a few things I’d said that were untasteful. Usually calling out my teammates and not being very polite about it. I’ve been silenced for 7 days and 12 days respectively and received multiple warnings in between. You definitely would not be “perma banned” for telling someone that “blizzard will uninstall you”

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“sweet im finally on the Miami server” … as i had seen my ping was running single digit numbers… insert 4 stack of toxic only 3 team chat players, obv using third party chat to speak Spanish w the fourth… obv tilted obv using chat to negate teamwowrk and create false callouts and bait deaths… pretty sure me and the other guy straight up left chat they were so toxic. yet after matchmaking hit me 3 games in a row with these same reported blocked and i guess if you start queue and avoid players while in queue it doesnt care unless you requeue… missed it the first time, second time i tried… third time cost me 12,000 hrs on dva stats.

Yeah but you ignored the emails saying account closure when u were suspended before

this system literally bans the worst offenders or those easily titled by others and news flash there’s tons of players here to tilt u for the content and report u cause that’s the built in mini game to ow is the report system

u were not perma banned because of one stack u were baited into tilting

and if u were perma banned u were probably reported at least 450 times

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no im pretty sure i tried to refute all of my reports because im constantly getting streaked into unfair 4stacks of toxic one tricks or ppl who openly admit to throwing during pick phase…

yeah i just dont believe saying basic meta countering things like “ana can switch they have 5 dive” is inappropriate. but to each their own i guess…

also didnt i report u in LFG for having a title about “report me for abuse” WAKAWAKA

I was just suspended I know the reason though I left on team forming because one of the team was spamming the voice channel with death metal music :slight_smile:

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