Suspended after reconnecting to match

Hey, my PC crashed during a match but I reconnected to the game but still got an hour suspension. Were there rule changes in if you leave a match and reconnect it still counts as you leaving?

I believe it’s an hour because yesterday when I joined a match my screen started going black and coming back every 5 seconds and left before the match started so they didn’t get SR losses. (total of 3 times left this season for pc bugs.)

You have two minutes to come back before getting penalties, after two minutes you can still rejoin but you will have been penalised

I’d recommend trying to fix your PC before playing Competitive or you’ll end up with a season ban, it may be worth checking your current graphics driver for any problems with Overwatch, as in the past there was a problem with AMD drivers and Overwatch, causing Overwatch to crash (this was to do with a fault in AMD’s drivers and nothing to do with Overwatch), otherwise if your computer is faulty and you can’t afford to fix it, just avoid Competitive altogether

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Damn, I must have just hit that timer. It sucks that it doesn’t tell you how much time you’ve got left.

Yeah I had just updated my Nvidia graphics drivers about 15 min before joining a match and it killed my pc. Really sucks.

As a future recommendation, always complete computer maintenance before logging onto Overwatch, updating the driver is a sure way to guarantee a RDL error during gameplay. When you do complete any updates or maintenance, always test in a few games of quick play.

But yes, if you fail to return in a timely manner within two minutes, you are disqualified from the results of that match (you can still return and complete it for the benefit of your teammates assuming the match is still in progress).

Details about technical issues and Competitive can be found here: