Surprisingly poor OW performance with GPU


So i got a GTX 1070 ti graphics card a little while back, and every game I’ve ran on it works incredibly well. I would get 90-200 fps on practically any game, even on new triple-A releases. Every game except for Overwatch. Whenever I play in the training area I get about 80-100 fps, and in multiplayer I’m lucky to get a performance consistently above 60 fps.
I’ve tried reinstalling my drivers (3 times), turning off v-sync, and more combinations of display settings than I can count (if it means anything, GeForce Experience thinks I should fine at max settings). I’m fresh out of ideas, so is there something I’m missing, or is something like this to be expected?

GPU - GTX 1070 ti
CPU - AMD A10 7870K
RAM - 16GB


First try all of the steps (including Advanced Troubleshooting steps) in this Blizzard Support Article:

Performance Issues with Overwatch

Now if you are still looking to squeeze out the best possible performance out of the game. Check out my Maximizing Performance Guide for additional tips.


are you on high performance mode? Have you tried lowering the settings? Max settings in multiplayer fps’s can get… very very demanding compared to other games that are usually not even considering top end computers. Just turn some of the settings down and you’ll be fine, trust me them having an option that your 1.5k computer can’t meet is exactly what they should be doing, considering there are people who spend 20000 on a computer.


Turn off Vsync.

That’s what worked for me anyway.


what settings did you turn down


turn down resolution scaling and triple buffering and buff fps to 300


I have a GTX 1070 gigabyte g1, and can do 2k resolution at epic settings and get 144fps. So there is deff something wrong.

I can easily say your CPU is bottle necking your GPU, your CPU will bottle neck a R9 290 and a 1070ti is much more intensive.

I can also say your ram (based off your CPU only using ddr3) that is probably not helping either, though wouldn’t matter since your CPU couldn’t keep up with the data your ram is providing it.

I apparently can’t link to linus tech tips forums… But google “AMD A10 7870K bottleneck” and you will see what i am saying.

There are a couple ways to help as the previous posts have said, but no true solution except upgrading both your ram and CPU, you will need a minimum of;

intel 66-6700k before it reaches stable levels (or equivalent), could be a little older but this is as low as i would go.

ddr4 16gb’s and it doesn’t matter if it is 2400mhz or 3000+ unless your CPU can keep up with it without overclocking.

I hope this helps.

edit; should also point out the min upgrade is based off min future proofing and anything else wouldn’t give you much room to upgrade in the future, 6 months ago a 6600k was 200CAD on sale but the ddr4 ram is expensive these days.


Use MSI Afterburner to see if your GPU is used to the full when you play OW. It’s possible that the CPU is the bottleneck.