Support SR gains/losses question

I was just wondering how much others have been gaining/losing SR per match… (specifically support players) I thought there was a standard number give or take a few points but I’d like to get a rough idea of what the min and max is.

I’ve looked it up but can’t find out a lot of info post- start of season 18

(This is excluding after placement type matches where it’s an exaggerated SR gain/loss)

I haven’t recorded SR gain/loss since like s9. But back then no matter how good or bad I did I’d lose 22-30 with an average around 26 and gain 16-25 with an average of 22.

Once you are diamond plus it will turn into flat SR with a variance only based if your team SR was higher or lower than the enemy.

The standard number is 24 (3000+ Skill Rating Data and Analysis (now including DCs)). There is no evidence that it has changed since season 18.

I’ve been gaining up to 30, and losing as little as 20, but more typical is gaining 26 and losing 22. I had some really bad luck, so my rank is lower than normal, and I’m also learning moira, and my stats have started to become pretty good for my current rank (low gold).

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Data and graphs?! I’m drooling, thanks so much for the link

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Max is 150 lowest is -150. Outside of games affected by after placement bonus. Its extremes. Normaly you wont see that.

Pretty much anything above 25 is good performance