Support potg bug is fixed

You’re forgetting how hard it can be to get value with your ults; there’s many ways to defeat ultimates that its almost ridiculous.

Ana has an ability on cooldown that can cancel almost every ult in the game, for example. Baptiste’s Drone can stop every ult from getting value, too.

Junkrat’s ult can be killed.

Winston, torb, genji, and many more can just be killed out of their ult. Nanoed and all. And they don’t get any refund to their ults in case it goes bad.

Meanwhile, cooldown abilities are free.

Not really. Cooldown abilities are some of the most forgiving things in the game. Unless you’re a character with long cooldowns.

It doesn’t take anything but time to use them, and if you mess up, you can do it again in the case of Moira, Doomfist, Genji, Hanzo, Mcree, and so on.

No, I don’t think that’s fair for a supposed Ultimate ability that you have to build up to use to have less weight in the POTG algorithms than a skill that you can use at any time.

I personally think the individual skill that’s put in during the mid fight should deserve more recognition than the ultimate ability.
Sure Anna can sleep you out of your ultimate but I think then she should get the play of the game and recognition for it.
It probably took more effort for her to land sleep darts on you than it did for the Genji to jump into the air and press Q.
I don’t think anyone can disagree that the Anna is the one that made the clutch play not the Genji.
She saved the team.

You shot a riptire?
Good because if you didn’t your entire team would’ve been wiped out.
Give them play the game for shooting it.

Give the Genji play of the game not because of his powered up ultimate.
Give him played the game for resetting his Dash cool downs by getting multiple kills and deflecting a grav.

Make play of the game actually plays that require effort

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Its not the jump in the air that got him the play. Its the diving on the enemy team solo, getting kills without getting shut down (nanoed and all), and generally have good enough sense on when to do this.

Meanwhile, ana just has to aim and fire her sleep dart to stop him. Clearly, Genji did make more effort than ana since any Ana player should know how to aim.

If she stopped him, yes. If she didn’t and Genji got kills, no. Regardless, it still would take more effort for Genji to get kills than for Ana to land a sleep dart.

Not if the Riptire wasn’t near anyone. Or if Lucio sound barriered. Or if Baptiste dropped his field.

No. Give him play for pulling out his sword and using it correctly without dying and being a hindrance to his team.

You aren’t trying to tell me dragonblades are effortless, are you? Because you’re just wrong.

Genji has multiple slashes to do some amount of work on the enemy team.
Anna has one hard to hit sleep dart that she has to land on a skinny small Hitbox character that can kill her in an instant.

Why do you think the nano boosted Genji blade is one of the best combos in the game? It’s not because he’s horribly disadvantaged when using it

The pressure is definitely on whoever has to land their cool down to deal with that threat.
When you are using an ultimate you are at the advantage and it’s everyone at the disadvantage who has to think fast and deal with it.

I stand by Ana

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Especially genku blades don’t deserve POTG. It’s amongs the easiest executed thing that you can do in the game.


Nah you first assumed I didn’t like Moira because I think her getting stupid damage orb plays is boring.

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Tbh, the only Ana POTG I’ve seen was the one I got. Everything else was Moira. McCree getting a 5-man Deadeye without dying? Nope, Moira of the Game (which was my POTG. I felt so bad for the poor guy.)

Dunno if it’s fixed. I just got a quintuple kill in Anubis, and my buddy on Lucio got POTG for right clicking two people and hitting amp.

Everyone deserves a POTG.