Support Mobility/Evading Talk

Symettra’s Upcoming Changes
Sym is getting a great way to get the team around which is great for supports Zen and Ana.
Even though I’m very appreciative of these Sym changes, I would like the other two supports to have their own enemy evading abilities.

New Ana Ability
Aerial Thrust - shoots her up quick and then at the near peak of the height slows down for strafe control. Details, star fox fans will love this change. So imagine it acting like a crappier version of Phara’s Thrust. I understand Devs are going to have to add this to all her skins but I think even with the new changes this can be a balanced mobility putting at a cool down of 10 seconds.

New Zen Ability
Harmonic Transmutation - Duplicates a golden glowing Zenyatta that will act with him causing a distracting illusion while he is also glowing. Details, will have the same amount health, once duplicate is destroyed, cool down will restart and he will stop glowing. Cool down 10 seconds. To activate, use weapon swap and press Shift.

Ana don’t need mobility.

Zen doesn’t need another ability, he’s already the best support in the game in terms of kit and ult.

Just wait for the Sym rework and Ana will have some more mobility.