Support main looking for friendly players!

Hello there! I’m just a support main looking for people to chat and play with. Feel free to ask for a pocket whenever too! :3

Hey! We have a wonderful group that plays almost daily! We’re a pretty relaxed group, and are heavily people >>>>> game, just out here looking for long term friends who also love the same toxic game of overwatch that we do lol If this sounds good you can hmu on discord Aristogglez#7254 or no numbers lol :slight_smile:

hey im a support main and i dps also. i play pretty much every night if you want to duo sometime :slight_smile: my tag is ItachiUchihah#11425

DPS and Support, don’t know the rank we’re looking for here but def looking for a duo or stack to avoid soloQ lol Neros#11173

Heyo! If you or others here are still looking for friends, feel free to add my discord, NA flex player and mostly do quickplay, thanks!

Discord: xnikoza

are you on EU or NA ? , i’m always looking for some friendly people to hang out with (currently am a OTP orisa) :slight_smile:

Hey I’m eu if you’re interested

diamond player add me