Support main looking for comp/QP 30+ lgbtqa+ friendly folks

Hi I’m Dahlia. I’m a support main mostly (Lifeweaver I have the most hours (65 hours) on and I promise I’m not a troll Lifeweaver either I do actually do my best to help, not hinder) but I do play all supports except I’m not very good on Baptiste and I have a rough time with Ana sometimes. My top five played characters are Lifeweaver, Mercy, Brigitte, Kiriko and Widowmaker (though I’m no pro, or good at all infact, I do prefer to play long range dps and I am avoiding playing Mercy as much as possible lately due to my frustration in this constant Torb/Bastion bs and my inability to survive it)

Anywho…I’m in OCE servers on PS4 with kinda iffy internet unfortunately I’m broke af and can’t do much about it. I’m looking for CALM 30+ people do comp with. Once upon a time I was platinum but right now I’m silver 2 and I genuinely don’t think I do that much of a bad job I’ve been doing 15-22k healing during standard matches, I dps where necessary but typically focus where the heals need to go. I’ve actually been called a heal bot many times :sweat_smile: I know people see that as a bad thing but I don’t take offence.

I have extreme PTSD due to past stuff and unable to handle people getting angry and yelling, hence why I’ve avoided using team chat but have been very diligent at pinging things. I, myself, will be 37 this month and I would prefer to play with people in my age range. Maybe that’s a bit picky but I find it difficult to relate to most people in their twenties and definitely not interested in playing with anyone under 18.

I’m definitely willing to join team/group chat though extremely anxious and self conscious and have always been very shy but I will always immediately leave as soon as someone starts to rage.

Probably ridiculous to ask for calm players, it’s Overwatch I understand completely WHY people get pissed, I personally just can’t deal with people getting worked up over a game, especially Overwatch.

I’ve been trying to climb so much as a solo que. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong to be honest. I pay attention to my surrounding, I heal a lot and dps when necessary, I pay attention to ults and combos, I know when to leave a fight, encourage grouping up, I’m actually pretty good at saving people from Orisa, Zarya and Reinhardt ults. It’s been so difficult that I actually didn’t do comp for four seasons. I’m trying to get enough credit thingies to get weavers gold weapon.

I don’t play tank much at all, in fact, since I started in season 1 I have a total of 7 hours on tank at this point. But the tanks I’ve played are Zarya, Sigma and Ramattra. My top played dps are Widow, Ashe, Symettra, Hanzo and Mei. No hours at all on Genji and less then 2 hours on everyone else. I’ve been trying to learn Tracer in QP but by no means any good yet.

But anyways. I think that’s enough rambling. Thank you for your time and those who read all the way. Let me know if you’d like to add me~

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I’d like to play with you!

Hey I’d love to play and I fit your criteria pretty well I believe. I also play quite a bit so my gaming schedule is flexible. I play quite a bit of reaper and some reinhardt. Add me up! Fluff#1140