Support in actual MOBA vs. Support in OW


Big fn deal! This game in it’s core is not a moba. The comparison is just silly. If i want something like that, I’ll go play a moba or an mmo but I don’t want that so please stop making silly comparisons.


Mercy doesn’t even break the 500 damage mark.
Ana barely breaks the 4k damage mark.
Lucio, Brig and Moira barely break the 6k damage mark.
The only damaging support is Zenyatta. He deals little under 10k damage per game.

Only one tank in the entire game deals less damage than Zen, and that’s Winston.
Even Rein does over 10k damage. Supports aren’t lethal in this game.


Thank you, my hands have gotten pretty red after all that hard clapping.


By :clap: Common :clap: Sense. :clap: Overwatch :clap: Isn’t :clap: A :clap: Traditional :clap: MOBA / MMO :clap: Game. :clap: Nor :clap: Is :clap: It :clap: A :clap: Traditional :clap: Shooter. :clap: They :clap: Can :clap: Do :clap: Whatever :clap: They :clap: Want :clap: With :clap: Healers / Tanks :clap: And Don’t :clap: Give :clap: A :clap: Rats :clap: Grass :clap: What :clap: You :clap: Think. :clap: It’s :clap: Time :clap: To :clap: Let :clap: It :clap: Go. :clap: Deal :clap: With :clap: It :clap: Or :clap: Play :clap: Something :clap: Else. :clap: No :clap: One :clap: Is :clap: Keeping :clap: You :clap: Here :clap: To :clap: Play :clap: The :clap: Game.


You :clap: Know, :clap: I :clap: Never :clap: Said :clap: Anything :clap: About :clap: Me :clap: Having :clap: An :clap: Actual :clap: Problem :clap: With :clap: Tanks :clap: Or :clap: Healers :clap: Doing :clap: Too :clap: Much :clap: Damage, :clap: I :clap: Simply :clap: Mentioned :clap: That :clap: It :clap: Wasn’t :clap: A :clap: Traditional :clap: FPS :clap: Just :clap: As :clap: You :clap: Said :clap: It :clap: Wasn’t :clap: A :clap: Traditional :clap: MOBA/MMO, :clap: Both :clap: Of :clap: Which :clap: Are :clap: True. :clap: The :clap: Fact :clap: Of :clap: The :clap: Matter :clap: Isn’t :clap: That :clap: Tanks :clap: And :clap: Healers :clap: Do :clap: Too :clap: Much :clap: Damage, :clap: It’s :clap: That :clap: The :clap: Game :clap: Is :clap: Just :clap: Completely :clap: Unbalanced :clap: In :clap: Their :clap: Favor, :clap: And :clap: People :clap: Seem :clap: To :clap: Want :clap: To :clap: Ignore :clap: That :clap: Imbalance :clap: For :clap: The :clap: Sole :clap: Reason :clap: That :clap: It’s :clap: Against :clap: DPS. :clap: Whenever :clap: Any :clap: DPS :clap: Is :clap: Viable, :clap: You :clap: Will :clap: See :clap: Large :clap: Groups :clap: Go :clap: Up :clap: In :clap: Arms :clap: Against :clap: Them. :clap: Yet :clap: When :clap: There :clap: Is :clap: Any :clap: Similar :clap: Reaction :clap: To :clap: Tanks :clap: And :clap: Healers, :clap: Those :clap: Who :clap: Try :clap: To :clap: Call :clap: Out :clap: Those :clap: Heroes :clap: Tend :clap: To :clap: Receive :clap: Backlash, :clap: As :clap: Is :clap: What :clap: Is :clap: Happening :clap: Between :clap: Us. :clap: I :clap: Say :clap: That :clap: There :clap: Is :clap: Possibly :clap: An :clap: Imbalance :clap: Towards :clap: Tanks :clap: And :clap: Healers :clap: And :clap: You :clap: Instead :clap: Say :clap: That :clap: I :clap: Should :clap: Go :clap: Play :clap: A :clap: Different :clap: Game, :clap: Yet :clap: If :clap: Someone :clap: Did :clap: The :clap: Same :clap: Towards :clap: A :clap: DPS, :clap: There :clap: Would :clap: Be :clap: Mass :clap: Support :clap: To :clap: Make :clap: That :clap: DPS :clap: Be :clap: Nerfed. :clap:

And :clap: I :clap: Didn’t :clap: Put :clap: On :clap: The :clap: Gloves :clap: From :clap: GoatsOfLegend :clap: Because :clap: I :clap: Didn’t :clap: Want :clap: Them :clap: To :clap: Get :clap: Ruined :clap: From :clap: All :clap: The :clap: Clapping. :clap:

Also, please don’t make me respond with clapping anymore. My hands hurt and it took me 10 minutes to type that out.


And :clap: I :clap: Couldn’t :clap: Care :clap: Less :clap: Whether :clap: Or :clap: Not :clap: Your :clap: Fingers :clap: Hurt :clap: Or :clap: If :clap: You :clap: Don’t :clap: Want :clap: To :clap: Put :clap: On :clap: Imaginary :clap: Emoji :clap: Gloves. :clap: I :clap: Clap :clap: When :clap: I :clap: Want, :clap: Where :clap: I :clap: Want, :clap: Wherever :clap: I :clap: Want. :clap: If :clap: You :clap: Don’t :clap: Like :clap: Being :clap: Clapped, :clap: Don’t :clap: Reply, :clap: Simple.

Point :clap: Is, :clap: Whining :clap: About :clap: A :clap: Game :clap: Will :clap: Get :clap: You :clap: No :clap: Where, :clap: Especially :clap: If :clap: It’s :clap: About :clap: Making :clap: Changes :clap: To :clap: A :clap: Game :clap: That :clap: Will :clap: Never :clap: Happen. :clap: Overwatch :clap: Has :clap: Healers :clap: And :clap: They :clap: Have :clap: Tanks. :clap: They :clap: Have :clap: Made :clap: The :clap: Conscious :clap: Decision :clap: To :clap: Make :clap: Them :clap: Do :clap: Damage. :clap: They :clap: Aren’t :clap: A :clap: Traditional :clap: Shooter, :clap: And :clap: They :clap: Aren’t :clap: A :clap: Traditional :clap: MOBA :clap: Either. :clap: If :clap: You :clap: Don’t :clap: Like :clap: That :clap: Concept, :clap: Overwatch :clap: Isn’t :clap: The :clap: Game :clap: For :clap: You. :clap: Sounds :clap: To :clap: Me :clap: That :clap: Ya’ll :clap: Are :clap: Just :clap: Whining :clap: About :clap: Nothing :clap: Honestly. :clap: It’s :clap: Not :clap: A :clap: Complex :clap: Concept :clap: To :clap: Grasp. :clap: If :clap: You :clap: Don’t :clap: Want :clap: Healers :clap: Or :clap: Tanks :clap: Doing :clap: Damage, :clap: Don’t :clap: Play :clap: The :clap: Game. :clap: Aint :clap: Got :clap: Nothing :clap: To :clap: Do :clap: With :clap: DPS :clap: Either, :clap: That’s :clap: Basic :clap: Video :clap: Game :clap: Mechanics :clap: That :clap: The :clap: Devs :clap: Chose :clap: To :clap: Include :clap: In :clap: The :clap: Game. :clap: You :clap: Can :clap: Take :clap: It :clap: Or :clap: Leave :clap: It. :clap: Either :clap: Way, :clap: It’s :clap: Clear :clap: That :clap: They :clap: Couldn’t :clap: Care :clap: Less :clap: About :clap: MOBA :clap: Or :clap: MMA :clap: Purists :clap: Who :clap: Want :clap: This :clap: Game :clap: To :clap: Be :clap: Exactly :clap: Like :clap: A :clap: MOBA, :clap: A :clap: MMO :clap: Or :clap: A :clap: Shooter. :clap: They :clap: Made :clap: Their :clap: Own :clap: Choices :clap: In :clap: The :clap: Game, :clap: And :clap: Have :clap: Their :clap: Own :clap: Reasons :clap: For :clap: It. :clap: Don’t :clap: Like :clap: Those :clap: Reasons. :clap: Don’t :clap: Play. :clap: Babes :nail_care:


not true? on every moba supports deal a surprising amount of damage if ignored which is exactly what happens in overwatch

Take Janna from league of legends or Soraka even, stand there getting autoattacked and you’ll explode out of this world


Stop with the damn clapping, I and I’m sure most people stopped reading them after the first one.

This would be a very boring game for tanks and support if they couldn’t deal respectable damage. Their primary damage is still lower than offense heroes across the board. On top of flat out better dps, offense heroes also have some combination of:

High lethality ults: barrage, blossom, blade, etc

Burst cds: storm arrows, helix rocket, dynamite, flash+fan, etc

High raw potential dps: Widow, Tracer, Reaper, etc

Lethal combos: Doomfist, Genji (nod to Ana as well, but they requires investing all long CDs and all of her team fight utility to do)

Supports are not going to carry the day with their damage. In low tiers maybe a Moira or Brig, but that stops working really quick.


Except OW is not moba and you have to aim to heal or kill.
The supports that can heal all the time provides lower heal over time than those who have it on cooldowns.


It’s an FPS after all. Don’t want anymore low-skill heroes that don’t require aim added, do you? /s


Don’t :clap: Tell :clap: Me :clap: How :clap: To :clap: Live :clap: My :clap: Life. :clap:


:clap: HE :clap: PROTECC :clap: HE :clap: ATTACC :clap: BUT :clap: MOST :clap: IMPORTANTLY :clap: WE :clap: DONT :clap: WANT :clap: THIS :clap: TREND :clap: TO :clap: COME :clap: BACC :clap:
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


I think you’re argument is fundamentally flawed.
How often are backline support being dived on in HOTS? Never. How often are backline support being dived on in Overwatch? Always.

Are you suggesting we essentially remove support dps? In which case what do you suggest supports do to defend themselves in Overwatch when their dived on? And your response is not allowed to include the lame cop out answer of “that’s what the rest of the team is for”.


Clap :foot: with :foot: your :foot: feet :foot:


Would be better if having 2+ supports in your team was just an option, not the absolute necessity to have a functional comp.


Well, it isnt. 1healer was my standard setup in the dive meta. You can even win without healing, you just have to adjust the playstyle. 2 Healer is just the more comfortable playstyle, you can play more agressive and arent punished for your mistakes because the supports will safe you.

TE suggest Supports cant deal damage and should run out of healing. So who wants to play a role who can not doing anything after 20 seconds in a teamfight?


Not anymore. 1 healer was fine in dive meta, nowadays it only works when you outclass enemy team by a long shot.


This only addresses the fact that supports can defend themselves, but I don’t see the link between getting dived and having unlimited healing resources, which is another major point of OP’s post.